Monday, January 7, 2008

Time To Choose A Vet

As the time draws near (yay!), it's time to decide some important things, namely: choosing a vet. Choosing a vet I've basically put off for as long as possible because it's a daunting task to me. I fear change and new things! I also see a vet as a very important contact, just like I consider having a good doctor important to me. I'm going to rely on this vet for helping me keep my dog healthy. I'm going to need to consult them on diet, nutrition, weight, vaccines, surgeries, etc. I'd really like to find a good vet up front.

So how do I choose a vet? Well I started off by asking the people I know who have pets which vet they go to and if they like it. Unfortunately, I don't know very many people with pets, and the people I do know definitely don't have the same view of care as I do. Based on the recommendations I somewhat trust, I have two places lined up.

Next I asked around on the Corgi Meetup Group message board. I figured it'd be a plus to go to a vet that has worked with Corgis before. Unfortunately, I barely got any replies, but I did get some people mentioning the same few vets. So at least they were recommended by multiple people. So that puts me at two more places to check out. I tried just general searches of the internet as well, but I didn't turn up anything, except a little more info on the vets that were recommended to me.

Between these methods, I've got four vets lined up that I want to check out. I figure in the next couple of weekends, Husband and I can go there and check them out. The only problem is, I don't know exactly what I'm looking for!

What makes a good vet? Are there warning signs that I should look for when I first walk in? Other than it being dirty, obviously. What do I say when I come in? Is it normal to ask to speak with a vet, see a tour of the facility? What are the questions I should be asking to sort out the places I like from the places I don't like? I'm all set to go to these places, just right now I have no idea what I would say when I got there. Any insight anyone could provide to me would be great!

Stay tuned for the actual vet decision!


Manda Girl said...

absolutely! good for you for thinking of these things ahead of time (also, if you are thinking about getting pet insurance sooner is better than later for coverage)

ask if they have experience with corgi's, ask what their knowledge/experience is with different foods and nutrition, their stance on vaccinations and also if they have affiliates with a 24 hr emergency clinic (just in case) - also the vibe you get from them is very important. We had a meeting with a vet once and Meimei would not go near him (she LOVES our current vet) and they also pushed unnecessary surgery for pugs that I didn't agree with.

JuLo said...

Ooooh yeah! I forgot to mention the emergency clinic, though it's something I was meaning to bring up. I definitely want to choose a vet that will at least recommend an emergency clinic because any place that doesn't plan for emergencies doesn't sound like a very great place. Thanks for remind me!

That's some really great advice, thanks! From reading your blog it sounds like you have a lot of experience with different vets, so I'll definitely listen! Hehe.

My only issue with the vaccination thing is I don't know my stance on it. I've read a little bit about the difference vaccinations, but nothing really on what's superfluous and what's necessary. Do you have any info you'd be willing to share? :)

Pet know, and I should probably do a separate post on this, I'm not against it, but I haven't found a plan that sounds like something I would do. I found one plan that didn't cover anything hereditary, which I think it dumb. I found another that resets itself every year, so each year is like a new plan, meaning no past conditions carry over to the new year. I've found normal plans that cost an arm and a leg. Have you heard of any pet insurance available in the US that's good? Maybe I should talk to my Corgi group...