Monday, January 14, 2008

We Love Lucy

Congratulations to Lynn for getting to meet her future puppy last weekend! This is Lucy, who in just two long painful short weeks will be going home with Lynn. I haven't heard much about her yet, but she sure is cute! I love her coloring. That little patch of red amidst the white on top of her head is just darling. Spending the day with Corgis (and puppies no less) sure is my idea of heaven!

Yes, this is me living vicariously through people who actually have new puppy pictures. *sigh* I'll only be sad and pathetic a little longer. *points to countdown on the right*

I think Lucy is a great name (girl names are hard!), and I wish Lynn the best of luck waiting those two arduous weeks raising her new puppy. Hopefully she'll share her infinite wisdom (since she'll have a couple of weeks experience on me!) with the rest of us from time to time.

Update: I hear Lucy is one of those dream dogs. She's not shy or timid and she's not aggressive. She is fine hanging with people, but still shows interested and curiosity in other things. She even passes the puppy stress test; she can be tugged and pulled at, flipped upside down, and she's mellow about it. Lucy has just the kind of personality I would love to have in my puppy. Lynn, you're one lucky lady!


Lynn said...

Aww, Lucy. I just watched the video again, and she's a doll. I'll work on figuring out how to get the video off the camera so i can share!!

JuLo said...

You can pull the video file off the camera onto your computer just like a picture, right? I've never done it before either, just guessing here. Good luck! :)

Lynn said...

Well the problem here is that we used an HD video camera, so the file is HUGE. I need some sort of software to downgrade it to youtube quality, and I've been too lazy to try to figure that all out.