Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Want This: PWC Property Laws

Someone hit me! I was perusing and discovered even more Corgi-related paraphernalia I want. I have a disease!

Anyway, I got quite a chuckle out the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Property Laws (left). It comes in shirts, boxers, mugs, etc., but I'm not really a "wear my love for my dog on my clothes" sort of person (yet), I don't wear men's underwear, and the mugs are a total rip-off ($17 for a mug?!).

Luckily, it also comes in a magnet, which would be perfect. The only thing that bothers me? It comes in a pack of 2. Who would want to put two of the same magnet on their refrigerator? I guess I can take one to work and use it on my filing cabinet. Maybe if I get it and I'm feeling nice (Together!? What are the odds of that?) I can send the extra to one of my two or three many readers.


Lynn said...

So cute, but I'm afraid it will give my corgis some naughty ideas! :)

Lynn said...

Not sure why i wrote plural. But yesterday I went to petsmart, and I applied for a petsmart perks card (or whatever it is) and I wrote down the name and date of my soon to be corgi! It was exciting!

JuLo said...

Have fun meeting the puppies tomorrow Lynn!