Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Picture Update: Week 3, Girls Only

For some reason unbeknownst to me, the breeder only sent me pictures of the two girls available. No chipmunks in sight! *sigh* I've sent an email of complaint asking if she took any pictures of the boys, especially Simon, since she didn't take a two week picture of him. My first reaction was to think that she's already placed the boys with fancy people and is trying to push the girls on me without telling me I can't have one of the boys. I have to say, I'm a paranoid person, and this worry has been fluttering around the back of my mind all day. But if you'll remember last week, I thought something had happened to Simon because she hadn't posted a new picture of him, and really he was fine. I'm assuming/hoping it's the same deal here. She just snapped some pics, and just my luck, it was the girls. I need to keep telling myself this because, really, if she did place the boys already, we'd be having issues...and I don't want any issues! Anyway, here are the girls.

Alice and Sally:

Alice on right, Sally on left:


I think they developed so quickly in just a week! Last week they were still so small and gerbil-looking. Now their ears look like ear (almost), their noses are turning black, and they're starting to look like puppies. I can't wait to see more pictures next week! (If I get any...)


Lynn said...

Oh the girls are looking cuter. They really do look like little dogs now. I hope that the breeder isn't purposely hiding the boys from you, but if I was in your place I'd be super paranoid too. I hope she writes back soon with photos of the boys!

JuLo said...

Oh no! Don't validate my paranoia! :p