Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doggy Day Camp

So yesterday we let Theo partake in the Doggy Day Camp, rather than just individual day boarding, which we've been doing the last few weeks (because he wasn't neutered). The day camp puts all the dogs together to play and hang. It's "a mixture of exercise, socialization, and fun". Theo came home yesterday so pooped that we didn't even take him on a walk in the evening (that was after our training class though, so he had some extra mental stimulation). I'm wondering, it good to have him with other dogs pretty much all day? I mean, I'm sure he generally loves it, but what about if he wants some individual time? Is that something that happens with dogs?

I know some of you think that dogs don't really need to play and interact with other dogs that aren't part of their "pack", but honestly, I just don't feel that way with Theo (at least at this stage in his life). He loves other dogs, and he loves to play. I seriously feel like he gets bored of me and Husband when he hasn't been exposed to anyone new for a while. So in a general sense, I think the playtime is great for him. But it just seems like it could be a lot for him. Plus, this is still only temporary. Hopefully the remodel will be done by the end of the month.

*crosses fingers*

*knocks on wood*

Will it be too much of a shock for him to go from being with other dogs and people all day to being alone for two ~4 hour blocks every day? Let me know what you think.


Yuki said...


I've been following your blog for a while...Theo's lovely! :)

Just want to share some experience of boarding with my girl, Yuki the corgi. She's 9mths old nw. As we work fulltime and stay in an aprtmt, I try to send her to boarding once a wk for 10hrs each time. She does socialisation, just like what kids do in a playschool. They have long walks, playtime, swimming (to strengthen the hind legs, very impt for corgis), basic obedience. At the end of day, Im refunded 1 tired pup.

I think its great for pups to socialise when they're young (start as soon as they get their vacs). The only drawback is they may pickup bad habits from other doggies if they're out the whole day (such as peeing anyhow, it does happen). But the exercise is great. You might also want to note that puppies shd get sufficient rest, so doing boarding with an active program everyday might not be so ideal. The boarding place u go to shd note that Theo's a puppy only, put him with other frenly dogs that he's comfortable with.

Hope to see more updates on your blog!

Paws, Yuki typing on behalf of mommy

JuLo said...

Hi Yuki and Yuki's mommy! Thanks for de-lurking. :)

I definitely think I'll keep boarding Theo once the remodel is done. Probably just once a week.

Theo's socialization has done wonders for him. I can't recommend puppy socialization enough. Remember when Theo wouldn't even go near the other dogs in puppy class? LOL! Now he's the once chasing all the dogs around!

Lynn said...

Hi Julo! Funny you mention this, because I just signed up for a temperament session to get Lucy into Doggie Day care. I'm planning about once a week, even though she is usually at home with someone (not me, but she goes to my parents house every day). I feel like she misses dogs!

JuLo said...

Lucy too? Hehe. Theo's love of dogs definitely means that we'll have to get a second dog at some point...I better start getting Husband used to the idea now! ;)

Man, I wish I knew someone who would dog-sit Theo everyday. You're lucky!