Thursday, July 17, 2008


Somewhere along the road of puppyhood, Theo ended up collecting quite a bit of tags for himself! I know from the picture at the right here it looks like his collar is sagging from the weight of them, but it's really just the loop in the martingale it's not as bas as it looks.

How did I end up accumulating so many tags for him? I don't know, it just happened! It started with a bone. A stainless steel bone with Theo's name and phone number on it, in case he gets lost. Then we registered with the AKC and got a second tag with another number to call if he gets lost. After he got his rabies shot at 4 months, we registered him with the city, and they sent us another tag with another number to call in case he gets lost (also with, of course, his license number). Then we got him neutered and microchipped. The microchip registration came with that bright yellow tag with another number to call in case he gets lost.

Let's count 'em up: bone, AKC, registration, and microchip...that's 4! It doesn't sound like much, but they sure look like much. He's definitely not quiet with his collar on, but I actually like the noise. When it's time to walk Theo, I just jingle his collar and he comes running. Hehe.

I've heard that tags have the tendency to discolor a Corgi's fur, but so far I haven't seen that with Theo. He usually only has his collar on when we take him out, so maybe he just hasn't been exposed to them long enough for discoloration. If it starts to develop I may have to invest in one of those quiet tag holders...but then how will Theo know when it's time for a walk!?

PS: There's a couple new pictures uploaded on my Flickr. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to get some good pics this weekend.


Lynn said...

I think Lucy has 3 tags... no AKC registration yet. I've been meaning to email her breeder since I haven't seen the papers in the mail yet. Although I the spay papers may not have gotten to her... long story. I'm planning on coating Lucy's tags with clear nail polish to see if that helps...

The Senakams said...

He looks like he's collected a few Olympics medals :D

Bryson's tag has colored his fur for a while (I think from being exposed to sea water). We tried using various silencer tags, but someone told us to try soaking and washing the tag in warm soapy water, and believe it or not, it worked! Don't know how, but problem solved for us :) Might be worth a try if it happens.