Friday, July 25, 2008

Small Bladdered Husband = Tired Wife

Here's the thing with having a dog. They wake up early. I think Theo just chills in his crate until something disturbs him. Some days it's my alarm clock going off. Theo always gives me a friendly reminder that he does not believe in the snooze button. Some days I wake up in an awkward position and need to toss and turn a bit to get comfortable. Theo doesn't approve of tossing and turning. Once he realizes I've gained consciousness, he thinks it's ok to start barking to get out of his crate. Unfortunately, most mornings I get my wakeup call from Theo because of Husband. It's his darn bladder. He can't ever go the whole night without getting up to pee. Before Theo I never cared, but A.T. it means that I basically now get up whenever Husband has to pee.

This morning I had the opportunity to "sleep in" (it's funny I use that phrase, since what I consider sleeping in now is what I used to call ungodly early just last year), but at 6:15am Husband just couldn't hold it any longer. He got up, he peed, he got back in bed, and I cringed and waited, hoping the barking wouldn't follow. Of course, it did. No! I didn't need to wake up for another hour! I won't go into why Husband didn't have to get up with him instead of me, it's something we're both ok with. But I am just so freaking tired today. I have to work for almost 5 hours. I'm only a little over an hour in and I'm seriously considering laying my head down on my desk and going to sleep. No one else is here so they would never know!


Manda Girl said...

I can totally relate. The girls wake up at 5:30AM (mostly, before that) EVERY MORNING. They sleep with us so - if I roll over or move in any way close to that time they think it's time to get up.

We are the same way, I'm the one to get up with them - and that's ok. On the weekends I just curl up on the couch after we have covered all our business and go back to sleep - but some days I am just TIRED from it all.

AHHH the dog life.

eikoleigh said...

It will get better, Julo. Our adult corgis sleep through the night in their crate and can hold 8 hours.

JuLo said...

LOL! Yeah, Theo does that too no problem (usually). It' my husband that can't sleep through the night. :p