Monday, July 28, 2008

Theo's Nest Of Socks

My husband has the annoying habit of taking off his socks whenever he sits down and relaxes at home. Every evening after work another pair of socks gets thrown on the floor. I refuse to move them to the laundry room because I'm not a maid, so the socks just stay there as long as it takes. Usually the pile builds throughout the week until we do laundry over the weekend. He's good about collecting his clothes from all over the house when I'm around to clean them. lol.

Theo has the adorable habit of collecting Husband's socks. He doesn't chew them up, he just walks around with them in his mouth, as he moves them from wherever Husband dropped them to his little sock nest he makes every week. I never stop him from picking up Husband's socks because I figure it's what he deserves for leaving them littered all over the floor.

Last weekend I got this adorable picture of Theo. He was in heaven: sleeping right next to Mommy and Daddy, and all the socks we could ever wish for. This was obviously Friday night, since I count 5 pairs! He was out like a light the whole evening. Hehe.

PS: I uploaded a couple more sleepy Theo pictures to my flickr. Check 'em out!


The Senakams said...

Awwww!! Theo's too darn cute in his sock nest! Maybe you should make him a sock monkey friend (all with your hubby's worn socks, of course) :)

eikoleigh said...

That's so cute!

naleiya said...

That is so cute - a sock nest! I noticed my corgi likes to find socks lying around and throw them around hehe. He doesn't make a sock nest though - adorable!

naleiya said...

Also - it was sort of Twilight Zone-ish looking at some of Theo's pictures, because my corgi, Owen, in certain angles when he is sleeping, looks like he could be Theo's brother! Take a look for yourself - what do you think?





JuLo said...

Naleiya, the links got cut off, so I don't know which pictures you're talking about. :(