Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Un-becoming A Man

I dropped Theo off this morning for his neutering (I was able to control my idiotic tendencies for a day, it's a miracle!). It cracks me up that every man I tell this to immediately starts giving me his condolences. He's not dead, gentlemen, he's just becoming an "it"!

He'll have to be confined to his crate a lot over the next few days because we're under strict instructions not to let him jumps around or be too active. Does anyone have any other tips for keeping Theo safe and comfortable during this time? It doesn't sound like there's much to it to me.

Oh, and while he's at the vet, Theo is also getting microchipped! I'm a huge fan of the microchip. While I don't anticipate ever losing him, or ever having him outside without his ID tags, it makes me feel better knowing that if someone ever did pick him up, there would be a way to identify him.

One day a few years ago I found a lost puppy wandering the streets on my way to work. Thanks to a friendly neighbor and my own diligence (and getting over my shyness abhorrence of randomly talking to strangers), we found the pup's home and deposited him behind his front gate. I was about 2 minutes from taking him to an animal shelter before I found a neighbor that was home and could tell me where he lived. That puppy was so darn sweet and cute I would have taken him home if no one had claimed him at the animal shelter. And ever since that day I thought that if something like that ever happened to Theo, I'd be darned glad that he had a microchip so hopefully someone else couldn't be tempted to take him home.

I'll be sure to (eventually) post lots of pathetic recovering Theo pictures.

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