Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fierce Protector

Over the weekend Husband bought GTA4. He was playing it while Theo was chilling with me on the couch. It comes with a big street map, and at one point he opened it fully. It was so big that it completely covered him to the point where all I could see were his hands holding it. Theo freaked! He started barking his low, growly bark (that's his I'm a seriously fierce protector bark). I guess he thought some evil map monster was eating his daddy! Oh no!

I told Husband to put the map down, and as soon as Theo saw his head peak out from behind the map, he stopped freaking out. He jumped down off the couch, ran over to Husband, made sure the map monster hadn't done any permanent damage, then came back over to me and plopped back into his chilling position.

I, of course, was laughing hysterically the whole time this was going on. My little protector!


Lynn said...

What a funny guy... my sister's dog does the same sort of thing. Lucy's growl is funny, it sounds kinda like Marge Simpson's hmmmmm

JuLo said...

LOL! I just pictured a Corgi with Marge Simpson's voice. Hehe. Too funny!

Sometimes when Theo is growly barking and he won't stop I'll just hold his muzzle closed. I kinda like it when he keeps barking with his mouth closed though because it's fun to feel his throat vibrating with the growl. Hehe.