Friday, July 11, 2008

Video Of The Week 19: Frisbee

Theo is so cute when he plays with his frisbee, I decided to get it on "film" so I could share his cuteness. Please ignore my annoying voice. :p

And happy 200th post to me!

PS: There's plastic on the carpet and boxes everywhere because of our kitchen remodel...just in case you were wondering. :)


The Senakams said...

That's some great frisbee-catching action! And that frisbee looks familiar... is that the same as Lucy's? :)

And I see that Theo has totally trained you to be a multi-tasker: throwing frisbee, giving him commands (and encouragement), and shooting the video all at the same time! Great job :)

JuLo said...

Hehe. Yes, I think Lucy has the bigger version though. I actually got it when I saw it in the store because I saw Lucy liked her so much, I thought, what the hell? And sure enough, he loves it.

Hehe, yes I'm a well trained play thing for him.

Diana Mo' said...

he's a funny one. i like when he tries to pick it up from the middle.

nice special effects.

JuLo said...

lol, well right in the middle of recording Husband asked me a question, and he kept asking me to repeat my answer (because I was talking quietly, hoping it wouldn't be picked up in the video). I figured I could take that part out.

Lynn said...

Ok, that is ridiculously cute! Lucy still loves her frisbee (on the 2nd one) and honestly, I didn't know that there were two sizes. I seem to buy a lot of things for her only to realize later that there are smaller sizes...

Theo is so calm and so good! Lucy always tries to grab at the frisbee when you pick it up. My favorite part is when he tries digging in the frisbee!

Happy 200th!

JuLo said...

I only know there were sizes because the pet store I went to had them both! Hehe.

I actually took several videos of him, this was the only one I liked well enough to upload though. In a few of the others he was more playful and trying to grab at it.

Hehe, I love it when he digs in the frisbee too! Especially when he sends it flying through his legs.