Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video Of The Week 20: Flyball

I just saw this awesome video of a corgi doing flyball. I can't ever see being able to train Theo to do this event, but boy would it be adorable to see his booty flying over all those hurdles. Hehe. Enjoy!


Spectater said...

why is it called fly ball? where's the ball?

JuLo said...

Didn't you watch the video? The point is that a dog jumps over all the hurdles and reaches a ramp that dispenses a ball at the top. The dog has to retrieve the ball and bring it back to the starting point. The flyball team has like 4 dogs on it, and it's basically a relay race to see which team makes the best time. At least, I think that's how it works.

In the video you can see a slow motion shot of the dog getting the ball.

The Senakams said...

Ha ha! I've never seen a corgi do flyball before!! I've seen some terriers and other super fast dogs, but this corgi seems to do pretty well :) The slow-mo was hilarious, that corgi looks so psyched pressing the lever in anticipation of the ball, LOL!

Hope you guys are enjoying your trip!