Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bench Warmer

Now that I've got some caffeine in me I'm feeling a little better, and I remembered an experience at the dog park yesterday I wanted to share.

But first off just let me lament the combination of sweltering heat (I'm supposed to be living in a desert here!) with the days getting shorter. With the weather as it is it doesn't cool off enough to take Theo out to the dog park until at least 6pm. There's no point in going sooner because none of the dogs will play when it's too hot. They just sit in the shade and pant. It's boring. With the days getting shorter it starts to get pretty dark by 7:30. As you can see that doesn't leave much of a window, so I'm amazed I was able to work out taking him twice this weekend.

Ok, so we were at the dog park yesterday. Theo usually stays close to me, but still run and play with the dogs nearby, but yesterday he was apparently super needy. He kept jumping up on the bench and laying down next to me! I was amazed! As I've said in the past, I must be within eyesight of Theo at all times, but being within arms length is a no-no. If I sit next to him, he'll get up and move 2 feet away and lay back down. So for him to jump up and sit right next to me was a pleasant surprise, but very strange. It wasn't hot, he wasn't tired. I just can't explain it!


The Senakams said...

Sounds like Theo was bitten by the cuddle-bug! :D Seriously though, Bryson was very standoff-dish when we first got him too, and very, very gradually got more affectionate over the course of the last year and a half. He also did the same thing on the couch- initially wouldn't even come up, then on the total opposite end, then to arm's length, then next to me, now sometimes with his head on my lap :) (but only for a few minutes max). I guess some corgis are naturally a bit more cautious? Sounds like he's moving in the right direction though :)

JuLo said...

Hehe. I guess so! :D

I think Corgis in general just aren't lap dogs...which they're not meant to be,so that's ok. I know he's a loving loyal pup without him cuddling on my lap. I hope you're right and Theo warms up more over time though. Right now I just equate to him being a teenage boy. I'm sure if I had a 13 year old son he wouldn't be acting much differently. :p