Monday, September 29, 2008



I cleared my head, slept on it, and today I have a new outlook. I've been thinking about doing this for awhile (I even reserved the blog name in blogger), and in light of recent events I think it's an even better idea. I'm going to start another blog. I guess I won't consider it a third blog because I'm really just transferring 75% of my content to a new blog. It's going to be primarily about crafting and cooking (which is why I haven't started it yet...not much time for that lately), but probably with some other stuff mixed in. The other 25%, the complaining, I'll keep there and I'll keep private, since I doubt many people read that but me anyway.

Since I'm taking away the snark (probably something I should do anyway), it begs the I tell my friends about this blog now? I don't know if I want to let them in on how dog crazy I am...though they probably already know. o_O

PS: If you want an invite to my non-dog blog, send an email to and let me know which email address you want the invite sent to.


JuLo said...

Flan, I appreciated your comment, that sounds crazy. With the rewrite I hope you understand why I deleted it. :)

Parker and Grover said...

Hey Julo, I think I'll miss the snark! I love a good snarky comment! But I totally understand why you'd want to keep that private!
Also, I'd be afraid to let my loved ones in on all my dog-craziness...but only cause they already make fun of me for treating my Grover like a kid...what can I say? He is my kid and I love my Pooch! :)

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

OK, now I feel like I missed out on what was there before the "rewrite"... hmm.... ;P

Anyway, I've also entertained the idea of separating my blog (to the arts/craft stuff and the dog stuff), but have decided against it primarily because I don't have the energy to keep up 2 blogs (and I admire you for the stamina in doing that!)

Theo is such a huge part in your life that I don't think you can deny it anymore ;) I'd say embrace it and be proud of being a doggie-mama! Maybe I'm just too naive to know what people think of me when they read my mish-mash blog, so I guess whatever decision you make, I'd love to know how it has/has not affected your relationship with your real-life friends/ family/ coworkers :)

JuLo said...

Parker and Grover, thanks. I'll miss my snark too. ;) Maybe I'll bring it out now and then. And that's what I'm afraid of too! My mom has already called me deranged for dressing up Theo for Halloween. D: He's my furkid and it's fun darn it!

Ivy, oh I'll update the post again. I forgot I took out the part that says to email me if you want an invite to the non-dog blog. I'm totally fine with anyone here reading it...because I know I don't know you...if you know what I mean. ;)

I knew my old blog would turn into a dog blog anyway, so I just decided to split them up, it was actually easier for me. But I like your blog the way it is! It's the many facets of you. :D I wouldn't change it.

If my friends and family are anything like my husband, they won't check out the blog even if I do tell them... so most likely no effect! :p