Sunday, September 28, 2008

Video Of The Week 23: Ferocious Theo

I know I talk about Theo playing fetch a lot on this blog, but what can I say? It's just what he's been doing a lot of lately. It's hard to describe the little noises that a Corgi makes to non-Corgi owners. Check out my adorable little brat of a puppy insisting that I play fetch with him:

This is how Theo talks to me. Sometimes people hear it and get scared, thinking that he's growling and being aggressive, but anyone who has a Corgi knows this just isn't the case! He's just saying "play with me! Do it! Throw this!" Hehe. This video cracks me up! He was being extra bratty that evening.

The very end of the video is how I end my fetch sessions with Theo. I always tell him when it's going to be the last throw. I know the video is dark, but you can kind of see how his eyes go all googly when I say it. After I throw it and he fetches it, I say "all done!" so he knows the playtime is over. Sometimes he accepts it, sometimes he doesn't. Hehe.

And if you're in the mood for more Theo tv, here is just a regular fetch session I had with Theo a few weeks ago.

Just please don't mind the mess in my house. We still have stuff temporarily all over the place because of the remodel.


Anonymous said...

How did you teach him to fetch? My Corgi puppy will go get the thing sometimes but will walk off with it.

JuLo said...

You know, it was so along, and somewhat gradual, that I don't think I could give a set of instructions, which is a total bummer because a lot of people have asked me.

Umm...well honestly, half the work was Theo. He just knew what I wanted, and I just had to wait until it was something he wanted to do. I would throw the toy, not too far, and after he went after it and picked it up I would call him back to me. At first he never brought it back either. But you just have to show him/her that they have to bring back the toy for you to throw it again.

You know, I think doing it with a tennis ball helped a lot. It's not really something Theo would run off with and chew on like his other toys. He would run and get it, and after he had it there wasn't much to do except run and get it again.

Keep the sessions short, otherwise the dog will get bored and just stop, and it's better if it ends on your terms (or at least that's what I hear). You have to work up to it. Start throwing it not very far so it's easier to try and call your dog back.

Hope that helps!

Kelly said...

Those sounds are crazy! haha, I've never heard such things come out of a dog's mouth before.

JuLo said...

Yeah, that's Theo! My crazy talking puppy! It definitely freaks some people out, but really Theo is just a very vocal dog.

Puglette said...

That is so ute, he is really talking to you! We have a corgi/pom mix and she will talk and growl when she wants something. She always lets us know the water bowl is empty by growling and barking at the bowl until we refill it, they are so sweet. I think Theo is jus the cutest!

Lynn said...

Lucy isn't a talker, but her friend Josie is. I love the growly talking! And Theo is looking handsome! AND well behaved. I'm embarrassed to say that Lucy really REALLY needs to go to another obedience class. We're signed up for one on Nov. 15th, but it seems really far away right now. She escaped last night from her collar and gave us a heart attack as she went frapping in middle of the pitch dark street...

JuLo said...

Haha! Well Theo better be well behaved by now. This is his 5th obedience class (2 puppy classes, 2 beginning, and we just started intermediate)! I'll always recommend lots of classes. We have a lot of fun in them, and it's amazing how fast he'll pick stuff up in class vs. when it's just Theo and me alone. I swear the other dogs give him tips. :p

Oh you poor thing! I'm glad you managed to get her back unharmed. That's one nice thing about the martingale collar. He can't escape unless I have my hand holding the collar up.