Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Swapping Is Fun

Check out this awesome gocco card I received from Ivy yesterday!

She made it herself using her gocco machine thingy. It's the Welsh Corgi King and it says "Hello my subjects!" in Welsh. She made a bunch when she was doing her gocco card swap, and apparently didn't end up sending these out, so when I was going on and on in her blog about how awesome they were she offered to send me one! With a nice note inside! How nice!

Didn't this turn out great? I just love the picture, and I love that it's in Welsh! There's even her company logo printed on the back. You can't tell from the picture, but the ink sparkles and just looking amazing.

Really fantastic job, Ivy. I hope you'll be inspired to make other Welsh Corgi King related products!

Now here's my problem: the creative blogging world works in swaps! What could I send back that would match in awesomeness? And it should be something I make, since that's kind of the point. Pretty much the only things I make are either knitted and crocheted, and even those things I'm just starting at. Hmmm...would a nice crocheted fan bookmark be appropriate?

Hey Ivy, what color do you like? :D


jamie said...

that is so ridiculously cute! i want one!

The Senakams said...

OK, no pressure now! :D I know you're in the middle of remodeling, I'll be happy if you send me a paint chip (green would be my preferred color)!

But seriously, that bookmark looks awesome! It obviously take a whole lot more time making that than my card (drawing + printing time combined!). Really, I sent you the card since I thought you'd appreciate some corgi humor. No swappage needed, but much appreicated :)

JuLo said...

Oh, hehe. I know, I was just joking. :) Actually it's the remodel that has given me nothing but time when I'm at home now. Since I can't cook or clean or watch tv, I pretty much just have my yarn and my laptop, cooped up in the office.

Haha! I have plenty of green paint chips, lol. I took I think every green paint sample Home Depot had to offer when we were deciding on paint colors for the kitchen and living room. :)

Actually those bookmarks only take a few hours once you get the hang of the pattern (which I have!). I'm going to try and get some more fun colors and when I'm between projects I'll be able to pump out a few bookmarks. I don't know about others, but we always need bookmarks. My husband is currently using a piece of (unused of course) tissue.