Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Awarded! That Makes Me Happy!

I'm so flattered I've been honor with another blogging award! Awww, thanks! And here I thought only one or two people even read my humble blog. It's those cute puppy pictures, right? Gets 'em every time.
Llyn M. on her blog picked Corgi Tails as one of the six blogs she likes (and makes her happy?). To pass it on I need to list 6 things that make me happy. I've been in a foul mood lately with Theo being a teenager and the construction on the house taking forever and a half, not to mention a bunch of drama at work, but this will be good to help me remember the good things in life.

1. Blogging! Blogging makes me happy. It's hard for me to explain why... It's like having a diary that's way more awesome and that I don't mind people reading. LOL! I feel so emo!

2. My husband and puppy. I know it's cheesy, but they do. I love them both to pieces. I love spending all my time with them. My life wouldn't be whole without them.

3. Food. I have the waistline to prove it! Good food (and wine!) makes me happy. Or maybe I should say meals, since good food with good friends is the best way to spent time.

4. The moments before I fall asleep. This is another hard one to explain. Crawling into my own bed every night is sometimes almost orgasmic. Husband finds it hilarious. I just love that feeling when all your muscles relax and you can just let the stress of the day fall away before you drift off to pleasant slumbering unconciousness. Does that make me completely weird? I feel a little weird...

5. Small, unexpected gifts make me happy. I had a friend who once told me that I was the easiest person to shop for because the smallest, simplest thing would light up my day, and it's true! Whether it's my mom sending me flowers because she knows I'm having a rough time, or a fellow blogger sending me a card she made just because I said I loved it (Thank you Ivy! You're the best! I'll post more about it when I get a chance to take some pictures). My day was brightened just today because of a small, unexpected, and thoughful gift.

6. Making things. Whether its crocheting an afghan or knitting a scarf, I love the feeling of accomplishment, not to mention the quiet time with myself while I'm making them. I love when I cook or bake something that comes out delicious and not totally ugly. It makes me happy to dream up a story in my head and spend the next few days adding and expanding it. As hard a time I have with finishing things, it does make me happy when I finally do it.

Wow, I did it! 6 things! It's getting late, so maybe there'll be a better thing I think of tomorrow, but that's the best I have for now. Now, 6 blogs that make me happy.

1. The Senakams. I've said it before but I just love Ivy's blog. She goes fun places and takes gorgeous pictures, and a lot of times Bryson gets to go with her and have an adventure! She helped inspire me to get out and do fun things with Theo like training classes beyond just obedience, or going to the beach to splash around.

2. Smitten Kitchen. I am obsessed with this blog right now. Since food makes me happy, lusting over food on someone's blog does too. I've been eating out for over 2 months now and I can't stand to eat another fish taco (I never thought I'd see the day!). Somewhere along the way I started dreaming about cooking and baking in my new kitchen, and eating home-cooked, healthy meals. I can't wait! I've already saved about 20 recipes from Deb's archives and can't wait to try them out.

3. Craft Stew. Lynn's blog is a lot of fun, especially lately with all her Dear Jane quilt squares. She helped inspire me to take up crocheting again and learn to knit. I saw all the awesome things she had made and wanted to do the same! She has an adorable Corgi just 2 weeks older than Theo, who I just love to see pictures of. Hey Lynn, how about some updated pics?

4. I Heart Linen. Rashida makes just gorgeous things. She doesn't update very often, but when she does, she has pictures of creative and fun projects that she's sewed amazingly. Some recent favorites of mine include a fabric calendar with fabric-covered buttons for dates and quilted bias tape. How fun! She has an etsy shop, but most things seem to sell out immediately.

5. Pink Lemonade Boutique. Lisa is another sewer of gorgeous things. This time handbags. Her handbags are just beautifully awesome...like sell her my first born for one beautifully awesome. She also has an etsy shop, but I just haven't had the mindset to buy anything yet, but from the pictures her bags look well made and very creative in fabric choice and style. If I ever start sewing again, I can only dream of making things that beautiful.

6. A Day in the Life of our Pugs. Amanda's header in her blog says it all. She has two adorable pugs with attitude and a creative imagination herself to make a fun blog. This blog is, I think, the very first doggy blog I started reading and have stuck with it ever since. I remember I found it while reading through the archives of Cute Overload. Miko and Meimei are adorable pups who cause an endless amount of trouble. I can relate!

It was so hard for me to choose just 6 blogs that make me happy. If I comment on your blog, that means I love it. I'm a total lurker, so it takes an awesome blog to get me to come out of the woodwork. Hehe. I hope you all will pass it on!


deb said...

Aw, thanks so much!

Spectater said...

gasp! you're tired of Rubio's?!?!

JuLo said...

I know, right?! That's how much I've been frakking eat out!