Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He Came, He Boarded, He No Doubt Conquered

I just have to ask...is Theo the only dog in the history of dogs who likes being boarded? I really think he would have liked to stay rather than coming home to our messy, under construction home. Can't say that I blame him. I guess it's a blessing since now I know I don't have to feel guilty if I have to go out of town and leave him behind. It's a vacation for him too. I'm sure it helps that he's a master charmer wherever he goes. I swear they gave him stuff they normally charge extra for just because they like him. Perfect example: when I went to pick him up from the vet last week I told the receptionist I was there to pick up Theo. "Oh is he the adorable one we've been loving on all afternoon?" Yes. Knowing him, he's just the one.

Mouth, ever the dependable friend, offered to pick Theo up since the boarding facility was going to close before our flight landed. We stopped to pick him up on our way home and Theo had obviously had an afternoon in heaven: hanging out in a big back yard with 3 other dogs and free feeding. When he got home he just collapsed into his usual sock pile (now moved to the office since we were banished upstairs) and slept the evening away. It was too cute.

I got a funny email from Mouth this morning asking what time the boarding facility had fed Theo because he "seemed hungry" when he was at his house. I laughed when I read that. How exactly does a Corgi "seem hungry"? Or I guess I should say "especially hungry". I tried to explain to him that just because Theo bolted straight for the food bowl and ate 3 other dog's food, that doesn't mean he was starving. Just because he gets all bug-eyed when you show him give him food doesn't mean he hasn't been fed for 3 days. And just because he cries and whines when he sees you with food doesn't mean he'll die of starvation if you don't share with him. He's a Corgi! That's what they do! Whether it's been 5 days or 5 minutes since their last meal, they act the same. At least Theo does.

Oh, and check out this picture of Theo I took while I was shooting him in his sock pile:

I love it! I have no idea how I did it. I just loaded the pictures on my computer and there it was! Whatever setting I had it on, it really doesn't do well with movement does it? Hehe. Theo kept giving me dirty looks while I was taking pictures because he hates the sound the camera makes when he's trying to sleep. Poor baby.


Lynn said...

I know what you mean about corgis and eating. When I go to my friend's house, they have to put the food away, otherwise Lucy will eat it all.

Elizabeth said...

Lulu is the same way about food so it's not just Corgis! Love the photo of Theo and his sock pile.

JuLo said...

Haha, true. I didn't mean that only Corgis are food nuts. More like if you've got a Corgi, you've got a food nut. Mouth's 3 dogs he's able to free feed. He just puts out kibble in the morning and they eat when they're hungry. If you did that with a Corgi, you'd have an 80 pound Corgi!

Llyn M said...

Ilove your blog! There's an award waiting for you at llynm.blogspot.com!

The Senakams said...

Ha ha, your friend's comment about Theo seeming hungry is so funny! Bryson's the same way. When we took him to visit family in Austin they even had to put the cat food away, he thought it's his special buffet :D

JuLo said...

Hi Llyn! I'm honored! Baily and Violet are adorable pups. :) I'll pass along the award soon!

Ivy, cat food is just like dog food without all that pesky healthy stuff like grains! Protein, yum yum! Hehe. Theo's been over to our friends house a couple of times and they have 3 cats. We definitely have to pick up their food bowls or the poor kitties would starve! Hehe.