Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Theo The Baby

I hate to say it, but Theo is one big drama queen baby. He squeals like a piggy and squirms like a worm at the silliest things.

Last night I trimmed the fur around his paws for the first time. I never saw the point before, but when I heard that it helps keep his paws clean, and after the incident with his growth, I decided it would be a good thing to do from now on. So I got some scissors, put him in my lap, gave him some treats to calm him down, and snipped away. Now mind you I was extremely careful not to cut his pads, so I left a fair amount of fur that I could have snipped away. Well he freaked. All out freaked. He was screaming, squealing, squirming, you name it. He acted like I was killing him when all I did was snip some fur. What a baby!

Is there something about paw fur anatomy I'm missing here?


Yuki said...

That's cute! They all do that the 1st time...squeal n squirm like a kiddo. But once they get used to it, Im sure he'll be calm next time :)

I wld like to add that cutting the extra pawfur away is a must! It helps to prevent slipping when they run on wet or slippery surfaces eg. marble. And this is especially for dogs prone to hip/back problems like corgis....good habit to start young! :)

Paws, yuki's mommy

Elizabeth said...

I don't think it hurts them. Lulu doesn't make noise but she hates it when I trim her feet too...she gets all squirmy and has a look of terror in her eyes. But if I don't she gets what I call Muppet toes, which while really cute makes her lick her feet alot.

JuLo said...

Well in the past we've only had carpet so a slippery surface wasn't an issue. Now that we have hardwood downstairs I think he'll appreciate the trim. :) That's a excellent point.

LOL! Muppet toes...that's cute. Theo doesn't seem to notice one way or the other. He's always squirmy when I fuss over him about something: tooth brushing, brushing, ear cleaning, etc. Whatever it is, he squirms. But he doesn't normally squeal. Hopefully he'll loose that part next time. ;)

eikoleigh said...

OMG, that's so funny....There's absolutely no pain to trimming paw fur (you'd think)! I've been told that it's a corgi thing, but I've only had two corgis (the two I have now) in my life so I don't know if I can fairly characterize it as a "corgi thing"....

We have one that squeals like a pig when we try to trim anything near his paws and the other is just "whatevers" with anything to do with his feet.

I do notice that triming the fur paw does keep the feet and floors cleaner since they don't track mud and dirt as much. I wipe their paws when they enter the house after a walk and can see the diff on the wipes.