Saturday, September 27, 2008

Officer Theo Is On The Prowl

My fellow citizens, this Halloween your children will be safe to roam the neighborhood. With Officer Theo on patrol, the streets of [redacted] will be safe for one night from evil.

Beware on this night those who would do harm. Officer Theo will be there to lay the smack down... got a problem with that?

But since October 31st is still a month away, Officer Theo will put his uniform to use by moonlighting with the Hot Cops in the mean time.

PS: If you couldn't tell, this is Theo's Halloween costume! Apparently I'm not the only one who calls him Officer Theo. I just found out last week that that's what they call him at doggy daycare!

PPS: My mom just called me deranged and abusive for these pictures. D:


eikoleigh said...

Ah - cute!!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Wah ha ha ha!!! Officer Theo can patrol the street with Sheriff Bryson!

JuLo said...

Haha! Totally! Too cute.