Thursday, September 18, 2008

In Which I Organize Things

The Corgi meetup group in my city meets once a month. Most times there are a lot of people, and even more dogs. Sometimes it's far away or I'm just busy that day. Overall I've been to about half the meetups since we got Theo, and of the ones we went to, only a couple I'd say Theo actually had a lot of fun at.

One of the members of the group who lives in a different part of the county often organizes walks in his area, around lakes and other scenic areas, and he invites all the other Corgi meetup members to join him. They're pretty popular I believe, but I've never been willing to trek all the way to his area. Last week one of the members finally said on the message board what I had been thinking all along. His walks are too far for her to drive out, so why don't we have one for people closer to her area? Well she lives near me so it got me thinking: why don't we?

I was in a rare state at the even though I have a big weekend ahead of me involving lots of eating, and even though I hate planning things, I decided to go crazy and try and organize my own walk! Guess where? That's right, those lovely walking trails right by my house! Remember this?

Yay! It's finally cooled down enough that I feel comfortable taking Theo there again.

I'll *hopefully* be meeting a couple people with their Corgis (and non-Corgi dogs) this Saturday morning. And also, because I was afraid people would flake, Mouth and his 3 dogs will also be joining us.

I'm very excited, and if all goes well it might be something I organize regularly. At the very least I should finally have some new pictures of Theo out and about to post.

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