Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walking Last Weekend

Last weekend I somewhat successfully organized a walk around the walking trails by my house, like I mentioned before. I say somewhat because only one family ended up coming to meet me. But it was successful because the family was wonderfully nice with 3 awesome dogs! Chester, Bruce, and Sidney were a delight. The two old boys were Chester, a black lab mix, and Bruce, a Corgi/Elkhound mix. They were both very sweet, and to my surprise, very well able to handle the walk at their ripe old age!

Theo and Sidney, the one year old Corgi, hit it off immediately when Sidney went ahead and jumped right on top of Theo's head. Yeah, they were pretty much made for each other. They were similar in size and temperament, if not in the tail department (Sidney is tailed). They walked side by side pretty much the entire time. At some points they were actually touching.

They played so much that Theo was covered in dirt by the end. That lovely white color had a nice dirty sheen by the end. Into the bath he went when we got home!

He didn't want to leave his new best friend Sidney. I bet he would have gone home with them if he had a say in the matter! He was very forlorn when they all piled in their car and it was just the two of us again. Don't worry Theo, we'll just have to do it again soon!

One highlight was seeing this guy:

He was riding what was essentially a large scooter pulled by his three Huskies. It was so cool! A desert dog sled. Mush! Mush! Of course, the dogs ended up getting a bit distracted whenever they passed something or someone interesting, so we say him taking time to rein them in a couple of times. He was really fun to watch.

The other highlight was meeting Tuffy, another Corgi! It was special because of Tuffy's story.

His owner told us that Tuffy had been in her house alone during the fires last October that burned down so many houses in my area. She was out of town and couldn't get to him before her house burned down! She doesn't know how, but somehow he managed to escape the house with little more than some singed fur, thank goodness! And what a good boy, he was waiting right behind their back fence, waiting to be claimed by his people, when they arrived a few hours later. I thought that was just such a crazy story. Not only did Tuffy live through his house burning down around him, but he had the sense to stay close to home.

So that was our walk. I know my pictures aren't the best. Husband decided to stay home and sleep in so I had to handle Theo, our bag of stuff, and my camera all at the same time. I'm surprised they turned out as well as they did! Next time I'd like to have a little help with Theo so I can focus on capturing the event better! You can check out my flickr for more pictures of the walk.


Lynn said...

CUTE! I'm so glad that Theo has a new best friend!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

That husky-pulled "sleigh" is too awesome! I need to train Bryson to do some work around here... :)

JuLo said...

Haha! Yeah, it was neat, though the Huskies were really interested in other dogs, so whenever they passed us the guy had to hope off his "sleigh" and just walk it.

I'm sure if you brought home some geese, Bryson would be awesome at running around them and barking...I mean herding them. ;)