Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best You're Going To Get

Well folks.  Looks like my blog is the only way you'll get to enjoy this picture because Theo didn't make it into the mycorgi.com calendar this year. *sniff*  I'm really disappointed.  I was looking forward to buying copies for my family and having us all enjoy a month of my adorable puppy.  But it is not to be.  

Personally, I think there are some really great pictures that made it (congrats Kelly/Gibson and Ivy/Bryson!), but I question others.  December's picture you can barely even see the dog!  And while July is very patriotic...it's really a rather boring picture.  There's not even eye contact with the camera.  But I don't want to be a bitter betty.  All of the pictures are cute, I just was surprised some made it over others I thought were better (including my own!  hehe).  There were so many great pictures, I'm sure it was a hard decision.

Now will hanging this calendar in my office be a bitter reminder of my inadequate photographer skills?  For surely had I taken a better picture, Theo would have made it (because he's gorgeous of course!).  Eh, naw.  I'll get one.  I like Corgis.   Congrats to everyone!  Let's start taking awesome pictures for next year!

PS: Kelly, I notice Gibson made it onto the cover. It's too bad we're not able to get them well before January, so I could hang up the calendar by the cover to get some Gibson admiration time.  Isn't that why the first month and the cover are normally the same picture.  Those crazy cats.  But he does make an awesome cover picture.  Very enticing to potential customers.  Hehe.

PPS: Was it the shoe?


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

No fair! I agree that Theo's picture is probably cuter than some of the ones that made it! But I noticed they have a tendency to pick "themed" photos, like the one with flags for July, and the one with snow for December. I'd say when you go to Reno, take a bunch of snow photos, for some reason they never have too many of those entered. Definitely helped me get better mug shots of Bryson :)

Also, what had helped me in my photography experiment is this lens. I can't remember if you have a Canon or not, but if you do, this is one MUST HAVE lens for doggie photography! It's <$100, and allows you to take sharp photos even though they're moving around a lot (the big aperture helps).

JuLo said...

Yeah, lots of pictures in the snow. That's a great idea. Maybe I'll borrow my dad's tripod so I can make sure it'll come out nice and crisp. Hehe. And come October, I'll buy 500 pumpkins and some bales of hay. And... Ah well, I'll leave the themed pictures to the professionals. Hehe.

I have a Sony camera. I don't think that lens would work with my camera. I wish! The Sony version is like $300, otherwise I would LOVE a 50mm lens. :(

Sam Tsang said...

Hey Julo! You're not the only one :) I was disappointed that some of the photos I liked didn't get picked either.

All the pictures appeared on the calendar were based on the number of votes they received, we did not hand pick them by theme, location, photographic style...etc. It was purely based on voting alone.

If it was up to me, i would would love to sneak in a fluffy, a cardi and a corgi on wheels :)

I hope you're not too bummed out by this. Mocha is still mad at me for not putting him on the calendar, I guess I'll need to get him a new jar of peterpan tomorrow :)

a corgi said...

I'm so sorry that Theo didn't make it :(

I'm glad Gibson made it but it would have been nice to see adorable Theo too

Honestly, I never saw the shoe in your picture


Chantel said...

Sorry JuLo! I can't believe Theo didn't make it in...he is so darn CUTE! I did vote for him I was so sure he would make it. Oh well...there's next year!

Kelly said...

I am so sad he's not in the calendar :( I would've loved to see his face looking at me for a whole month!

Yeah the cover has it's good sides and bad.. I think it's AWESOME that he got the cover, but I did immediately think..but wait, I'll never see him! I might have to keep it closed on months I do not like :)

Kelly said...

P.S. The shoe comment made me laugh out loud!

JuLo said...

Sam, I know you didn't pick the final pictures, but you did pick the semi-final ones! :p Just kidding, all the pictures were good. I think some people just had more friends than me. :p I just hope you'll keep doing these calendars so I can try again next year. ;)

Kelly, your comment made me laugh too. :) I know what you mean! Gibson is the headliner! Hehe.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*pouts* Gingerbean did not make it either.

Spectater said...


Grover and Parker said...

Awww, that stinks! Oh well, at least we got to enjoy voting here on all the cute Theo pictures!

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