Friday, December 5, 2008

My Quiet Bunny

I was fully expecting to come home last night to a house full of dog pee.  Ok, actually we had Theo behind a gate upstairs, but still, I expected pee and maybe worse.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only did Theo hold it all day, but he didn't even do a potty dance when I got home (man, I love the potty dance!).  From what I can tell, Theo did nothing but sleep for 7 hours (I was gone for 8, but Husband goes into work later than me).  Needless to say he was quite antsy when I got home.  He jumped all over me and played the most enthusiastic game of fetch I have ever seen him play.  Overall I think it went really well!  Hooray!

I think we'll start out leaving him home just Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I figure that way we offset the lazy days with the excited running around days.  Right now, because of the activity level he is used to, I would feel bad about leaving him home all day two days in a row.  After I got home last night and the whole rest of the evening he just had so much energy.  I don't even want to imagine two days worth of pent up energy out of him.  This morning he was crazy!  When I let him out of his crate he was jumping all over me!  Then he got his tribble to play fetch, and then after some fetch he jumped all over me again.  It was hilarious.  Oh, and he was extra jumpy and kept barking everytime he heard a leaf fall off a tree outside.  

But don't worry.  I still played lots of fetch with him, took him on his walk last night, and on his run this morning.  He still has plenty of outlets, I think he was just more playful with me.  He's at doggy daycare right now getting all his yayas out.

Since I have every other Friday off, that means Theo will go to doggy daycare 10 days a month now rather than 20, so rather than paying $400/month, I'll be paying $200!  It's still a lot, but that's a number I'm much more willing to pay, and this way I think Theo still has a good outlet for his energy.  It just means Husband and I will have to get out more on the weekends, and since the weather has finally cooled down, I think that would be a good idea!


a corgi said...

yea Theo!!! what a big boy to handle being left alone for those hours!!! I think that's a good schedule between when he's home and when he's at day care; good breakup of the routine/schedule!!

when we're gone we keep Koda in his crate; he just curls up and sleeps while we're gone; its pretty big and he has a lot of room to stretch out; funny, he'll curl up in a corner in there but in our bed he takes 90% of it; go figure

enjoy your weekend :)


Kelly said...

Aww good boy! Gibson just sleeps whenever we're not home too (he gets put in his crate). It's like an instant naptime for him :) Im sure it'll be an adjustment for Theo but he'll get by just fine!

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