Monday, December 1, 2008

Let Us Not Dwell On The Chicken Herder

But I did want to update you with some pictures from the big day (and by big day I mean "big half hour").

As I said before, Theo didn't really want much to do with the sheep to begin with.

I should point out that these sheep were not in any way challenging or directly threatening Theo. They were "dog broken" as I believe the term is called. He couldn't have found nicer sheep if he had raised them from lambs.

After running around like a jerk for a few minutes, I finally managed to get Theo into it a little bit.

The sheep were running around, kind of chasing me, and Theo just couldn't help running around a bit himself.

Then he seemed to notice the sheep were there and he started chasing after them a bit.

And then the moment passed. He wouldn't go near them again.

Theo took a break to give Sidney a go. As you can see, he's a natural.

During Theo's second attempt, he apparently felt he had worked hard enough to earn his first meal.

Don't bother him, he's eating.

I think what really bothers me about this experience was the woman running the place. She had her hands in about 5 different things going on all at the same time. We had made an appointment with her, so I feel we should have gotten some actual instruction or at least attention. But she pretty much just put us in there to play around and then took off. That's what I meant by not very "official" I guess. I feel like I paid the woman $25 to rent her sheep for 15 minutes. Those sheep are paid better than I am! I'll let a dog herd me around for that kind of money. I think if we do try ducks, I'll look around for a place I like a bit better. Overall, I would recommend the experience, just not at the particular facility I went to. And make sure to ask about ducks!


a corgi said...

he's so cute!!! I wonder if the herding instinct kicks in when they get older; but I have to agree with you; a bit more supervision by the lady would have made it a much more successful adventure for all


flanthrower said...

Seriously?? $25 for 15 minutes? Those are some seriously well-paid sheep.

JuLo said...

Betty, you may be right. From what I've heard he was old enough to try it, but a little confidence with age would probably get better results. I might try it again if I can find a different place.

Flan, yeah seriously! If it had been a better experience, I would have been fine with the price. But since I didn't feel like I got anything out of it, I felt a bit taken in.

eikoleigh said...

I'm with you JuLo! Pay me the $25 / 15 minutes and I'll run around all you want! Those are some highly paid sheep.

I've always wondered about sheep hearding and how my boys would do....

Those pics of Theo are really cute. Eating sheep poop, not so cute... hahahaha :-P

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

That's a real rip-off, man... but he looks mighty cute when he's giving them a chase :D