Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Giveaway!

I'm so excited for my first giveaway!  I think it's just what I need to cheer me up (the gloomy weather is keeping me down today).  The majority was by far for the holiday reindeer antlers.  Good choice!  I have some for Theo as well.  In fact, I was planning to post pictures tonight, so stay tuned.  Anyway, I'm sure you're much more interested in the details of the giveaway, so here they are:
First, I'll be giving away two sets of these Pet Holiday Lighted Antlers from Petsmart.  That means there will be two winners. If you have two dogs, I'm sorry, they will just have to share. ;) These are pretty darn cute. 

Second, in order to get the antlers to you by Christmas eve I have to place the order before midnight tomorrow, so this giveaway is going to close in just one short day!  Sorry folks, you snooze you lose.  The giveaway will close tomorrow, December 18th, at 1pm (pst).

Third, how to enter of course!  Just leave a comment here in this post or send me an email (  If you email me, leave your email address in your comment, or if there is an email address listed on your blog or blogger profile, I'll send you an email notifying you as the winner.  Otherwise, I'll just post the winner here, and hopefully you'll see it and then send me an email with the information listed below.

Fourth, since I have to place the order by 9:00pm my time, the winners will have between 1pm and 8:30pm pacific time to email me their shipping information (full name, address, and phone number).  If you don't get it to me in time, that's ok.  You're still a winner.  It just means you won't get your antlers in time for Christmas. :)

Sorry for the short notice on this guys.  If this goes well, my next giveaway I'll leave much more time to enter.  Good luck!  


Kelly said...

haha, cute antlers! *crossing my fingers!*

Lynn said...

yay giveaway! Thanks!!

a corgi said...

cute antlers!! count Koda and me in for this giveaway

my email address is

and I know, this weather!!! poor Koda had cabin fever this morning with no morning walk, but thankfully the weather cleared for 45 minutes this evening so we quickly took him for a jaunt; he loved every minute

thanks for doing this; giveaways are so much fun


MoonMystic said...

Cute antlers!!!! I love give-aways! Count The Clan in on the give-away. They'll just have to share!!


Jenna Z said...

Ha ha! I can't believe those light up! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

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