Monday, December 15, 2008

Something For A Rainy Day

  1. Due to popular demand (by one whole person!) I've put up a new poll.  That's right, I'm making you actually click over to my page from you google reader or the like. *groan*  But this is a fun one!  I wanted to know what type of swag people would be interested in if I were to do a giveaway with some of the money from the Petsmart giftcard I got for Theo's winning costume (read: I'm doing a giveaway, tell me what you want).  Here are the items I was thinking that go along with the poll items: Frisbee, antlers, plush, stocking, and chuck-it.  If you have another suggestion (which I'm completely open to!), let me know.
  2. I can't guarantee anything by Christmas, so keep that in mind.  I'll do my best though.  Keep an eye out for the giveaway because it won't last long!
  3. We met up with some Corgis in the area this weekend, including Philip.  Unfortunately, we were rained out again.  Why does that always happen when I meet up with him?  Well it was a lot of fun while it lasted.  This group of 5 Corgis is a really good group.  They all get along, and they're all very sweet dogs.  I'll post my pictures once I get a chance to download them from the camera.  But be warned, I got an iphone yesterday (it is awesome!!!), and I'll probably be good and distracted by that for most of the week.
  4. Theo fell asleep at my feet last night.  He never sleeps that close to me.  Then this morning he snuggled with me on the couch.  The snuggly moments are few and far between, which makes me appreciate them all the more.
  5. Along with cheese and peanut butter, Theo now has a love of almonds.  Everytime he hears me tilt the jar he comes running, looking expectantly at me for a handout.  No matter where he is in the house, he can hear the dispensing of almonds.  It's adorable.
  6. We're wondering if we should get Theo some shoes for the snow next week.  He's a total temperature whimp, just like mommy and daddy.  Personally, I think a light coat for him would be better, and more comfortable.
  7. We bought the peticure safeguard to attach to our dremel so we could sand Theo's nails indoors without making a mess (it gets dark too early to keep doing it outside).  We tried it out yesterday and it worked great!  No dust, no mess.  There was another bonus too: safety.  Sometimes when we're sanding his nails he freaks out and tries to bite the sander.  Obviously, not the best thing for Theo's mouth, and Husband kept getting scratched up by it when he would try and stop Theo from biting it.  This attachment works great for those two purposes.  


Grover and Parker said...

What a fun idea! A give-away!
I voted for the frisbee, just because those are always fun and seems that we lose one or Grover destroys one every month or so!! :)
We just had our first ice storm/snow here in north Arkansas, where we are from, and Grover certainly could have used some shoes for that! He took off running in the back yard because he got so excited about the snow and ice and then he hit the concrete of the back patio....and slide like a cartoon (legs pumping!) right into the grill and then the was horrible and hilarious all at the same time. He was perfectly fine, just confused! So maybe Theo could use some shoes!!! :)

Lynn said...

YAY, a poll! Thanks for the tip on the peticure guard thing, unfortunately it doesn't fit my dremel! We thought she was ok with it, but she was so embarrassingly bad with it at corgi faire. They had to get 2 groomers for her, one to hold her down, and one to do the nails. And they still had trouble. We're going to do her nails at least twice a week now so she gets used to it.

Kinzlayer said...

nice... i finally get to read your blog and i was like, "it's not the 11th today."

JuLo said...

LOL! Theo is used to sliding all over the place, thanks to our new hardwood floors. He slides into the wall all the time when we play fetch. He doesn't seem to mind it. Typical boy.

Lynn, we don't actually have a dremel. It's an imitation brand we got from Costco for like $20 (including a bunch of attachments for detailed wood work). I was surprised, but it works!

Yay! Kinz! Don't forget to follow my blog! :D

Philip said...

How does this attachment thing work, does it go right over the sander? Maybe that picture is just bad, but it looks like there is no way to see what you are doing with it on? I do Philip's nails outside in the dark still hehe, or I leave it for weekends and then it's light :)

Let us know if you choose a coat for Theo, I was thinking of getting one for Philip too, but I don't even know how to go about picking one, so I'm tempted to just let him be and see how it goes, if all else fails I can probably get one on the spot in Tahoe.
Would be funny to see him walk in shoes!

Also, Philip would like me to note that his owner is terrible at updating his blog, so he has to live through your blog instead :) Maybe he should learn how to type!
I really need to get it updated, maybe after the holidays, I have so many pictures piled up that need sharing!

a corgi said...

I voted in your poll; cute ideas for your giveaway!

I have to totally agree with you to get something for Theo while he'll be in the snow; he won't have the time to get used to the cold like Koda did living in Montana where you gradually (in most cases) start easing into winter so a coat/shoes sound good!

don't you just love all this rain?? poor Koda had cabin fever all day; he kept looking at me like "walk" and in the pouring rain I won't go out but this evening it was just drizzling so we took him then; he was one happy dog!


Spectater said...

i think you know why i voted for the chuck-it.

Kelly said...

That's so nice of you to use your winnings as a giveaway! I voted for the plush, cause that's Gibson's fave :)

I think a jacket would be best..I can't imagine putting those bootie things on a dog..they do seem uncomfortable!!

JuLo said...

Philip is more than welcome to hijack my blog anytime! You guys should come over so I could get pictures of the two of them sleeping. Hehe. I just love him. He is the best puppy.

The picture is terrible, I know. I'll see if I can take a better one and post it. :) So the attachment actually screws on. It's a plastic top (so you can see through it), with holes of different sizes for different nail sizes. You screw the attachment on to the top of your dremel, turn it on, and put the nail through one of the holes to sand it. And the plastic casing catches all of the shavings from the sander. Hope that helps!

The trick with buying a jacket is finding one that is long enough, but still small enough to fit around them. It's probably close to impossible.

Betty, I had the opposite problem with Theo. It was just a little drizzly, so I was willing to walk with Theo, but he didn't want to go! He doesn't do wet. He just napped all evening yesterday, it was crazy. A nice and lazy evening.

Kelly, I figure I couldn't have won without you guys voting, and I didn't do it for the money anyway. And I've always wanted to do a giveaway! Hehe.

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