Monday, December 8, 2008

Theo's First Christmas

  1. Theo is keeping his nickname of "big fat chicken".  We got our tree on Saturday.  We had it on its side in the backyard and when we went to pick it upright Theo freaked and bolted.  Poor thing.
  2. He seems used to it now, but he's not really going near it.  I'm ok with that.  I'd rather have a dog that is scared of the tree than a dog that tries to knock all the ornaments off.
  3. Theo got his own ornament.  You can sorta see it below, circled in teal
  4. It's poop!  Sprinkled in snow of course (and it's ceramic of course!).  I got it at the place we take Theo for doggy daycare.  Apparently they're selling like hotcakes.  I had to wait until their second batch came in because the first batch sold out in a day.  
  5. I'm still going to do a giveaway with something I buy at Petsmart.  I didn't have time to go this weekend (the closest one is still around 15 miles away, so it's not easy to get to on a busy weekend), but I'm going to look into buying online.
  6. Ivy had some issues with Bryson drinking the water in their Christmas tree stand and getting sick (full story here).  Poor guy.  It sounds like he's still having some problems from it.  I hope he's ok!
  7. I ended up buying the same tree preservative, and I was pretty nervous about it.  But when I looked at the stand we have, there's no way Theo could drink out of it.  I can't recommend this tree stand enough!  We bought ours at Home Depot a few years ago.  We liked it because we never have to worry about screwing the stand on straight (because it swivels!), and that little cap you screw on is so much easier than trying to maneuver the whole stand (you screw the little cap on and then put the cap into the stand, two pieces are better than one!).  And now there's a whole new reason for loving it.  It's built in such a way that there's no way Theo could drink out of it.  I had to wiggle my finger between the grooves just to feel the water level in the first place.  And it's so tall that I think Theo would have a hard time positioning himself to even try.  Anyone with a dog should check one of these out!
  8. I got some great pictures of Theo this weekend. He was being adorable yesterday, very snugly.  I felt like I was getting sick so I decided to take it easy and just sleep most of yesterday.  According to Husband Theo slept right along with me.  Have I mentioned I have the best dog ever?  I almost want to get sick just so I can spend a few days with him. Hehe.


MoonMystic said...

Christmas tree water can be really, really dangerous. Hope Ivy and Bryson are okay. I'm sure Bryson will be sick for a bit. Not only do you have to concern yourself with preservative, but also fire retardant, fertilizers, and the like.

a corgi said...

poor Theo and the tree! Koda gets skittish like that too sometimes; poor Bryson; I'll have to go and read that entry; we have an artificial tree that he pretty much has stayed away from; this year we downsized on its size and got a small one that goes on the table

I'm excited because this will be the first Christmas we aren't going anywhere where we have to board him so we'll be sending Christmas with Koda :)


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

So glad you got that "dog-proof" tree stand! Bryson's better now, but it was quite a scare. This is the 3rd year we have a tree and he's never shown interest before... but lesson learned! Hope Theo'll never get into troubles like this!

Kelly said...

haha, love the poop ornament! Poor chicken Theo..but at least it keeps him away from the tree! I figured Gibson would be the same way but the tree did not phase him at all! He just has a new spot to lay now haha :)

Lynn said...

I love that Theo has an ornament. That's fantastic. Maybe Lucy needs one too..

JuLo said...

I think she does! ;)

eikoleigh said...

That picture of Theo is funny. It's like he's napping, but is watching the kitchen or something. At least, that's how my dogs look. hehe

JuLo said...

Hehe. Actually the kitchen is behind him. Theo just really hates the camera! He avoids eye contact at all costs. Except when he wants to give me a dirty look.

Anonymous said...

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