Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Gloomy June

While we're all agonizing over whether or now our little balls of fur made it into the mycorgi.com calendar this year, the admins are keeping us on pins and needles!  Apparently they not only have who will be in the calendar, but have already shipped it off to the printer!  Here's the last we've heard:

Sorry folks, the results are in, but we're still waiting on the printer's confirmation.  Sorry to keep y'all waiting. What I can tell you now are the following:

1. 100% profit will go to Corgi rescue.
2. The calendars will be $14 each, lower price than last year's.
3. Calendar will be printed professionally, higher quality on premium paper.

As soon as we get the news, we will post the result and ordering information.

I don't know what printer confirmation means, but I assume it relates to the printer's confirmation of the design and readiness to print.  I understand that they want to wait until it's all ready for ordering, but I'm impatient dagnabit!   That said, I'm excited that this year's calendar will be better quality while lower in price and supporting charity.  Score, score, and score!  I'll definitely order one, no matter the outcome.  The question is how many will I order if Theo makes it in.  I know at least my mom will want one.

So while I wait, I've been thinking about what month would be the best to have your Corgi featured?  It's sad, I know.  But it's more interesting than doing my yearly performance assessment...what a snoozefest.  Right off the bat I wouldn't want January.  I usually spend the first half of January forgetting to even put up my new calendar, so that's out.  I usually spend the last half of December out of the office (I only use calendars at work), so that's out too.  April and June are big vacation months, so we'll skip those.  May would be good since it's my birthday month, and doesn't everyone always skip to their birthday month when they get a new calendar?  I know I do.  October and November are big holiday months and should have more festive pictures than mine.  February is a short month, which means less Theo time.  So that leaves March, May, July, August, and September.  I think May or September would be ideal months.

Now that I've probably put you to sleep.  How many calendars are you planning to buy this year?  What month are you hoping for if your pup was in the running?  How cute is that picture of Theo sleeping?


a corgi said...

he sleeps like Koda, LOL; so very cute!!!

I have to agree with you, May or September would be great months for Theo's great picture!

I think I'll just be buying one calendar and its more of a date book to try to keep track of bills due but usually my hubby brings one home from work that is given to him

Of course I will buy a corgi calendar especially if Koda's buds are in there

If Koda was in there, I'd like him in December since that's his birthday month :)


Spectater said...

One for me pleese. I'll pay you back.

JuLo said...

That's a good point, Betty. I didn't think about Theo's birthday month, which is also December. That would be cool too then.

Sheeshee, I got you man!

Kelly said...

Man, I've been on the edge of my seat over this! Tell us already! :)

If Gibson does not get in it..I might be too sad/jealous to buy one! J/K since it's for charity I'll at least get 1..especially if Theo or Bryson get in it! I hope Gibson gets his birthday month: July! Or maybe August, since that is when the picture was taken :)

Marissa said...

Love the picture of Theo sleeping its too cute. Good wishes to every one who entered. I voted like 100 times LOL.

JuLo said...

Good point, Kelly! I think Theo's picture was taken around September/October. So another point for September I think. ;) I'm with you. I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but I'm going to be pretty darn bummed when I see he hasn't made it in. I wouldn't worry about you though. Everyone at work was buzzing about how adorable Gibson was. I wouldn't be surprised if two pictures of him made it in.

Marissa, I voted a lot too, but I'm pretty sure it only counted once. :(

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

I wonder if they'll have a "medley" month (like the current one, Dec 08). They have one large-ish photo in the middle, surrounded by smaller ones around it of other corgis. There're like a total of 15 photos in this one (even though some smaller ones got "cut off" at the edge, maybe that's why they need to see the proof?)

Anyway, hope Theo gets in! I'd say any month's a good month as long as our dogs' face's on it, ha ha!

eikoleigh said...

I love that pic of Theo snoozing away....

Good luck to everyone who submitted!

FYI, a printer confirmation probably refers to a proof, which is what the printer sends back to the client to confirm the he/she has the correct layout, order, fonts, etc in place before turning on the print press. Once the client signs off on the proof, it's good to go and they print them all out.... Yeah, probably more than you ever wanted to know, huh? :-P

JuLo said...

Ivy, getting a picture in the little medley in December would be a not at all satisfactory second place. I think it just detracts from the main picture, actually. But you're right. Any month if a good month if Theo is in it! I was just thinking away the time.

I wonder if all the finalists will be in it (the medley), and that's why they're not saying which dogs were chosen.

Eikoleigh, interesting stuff! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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