Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Slight Disagreement

During another phone conversation with my mom:

Mom: Theo is your baby.

Me: Yeah, he's my furkid.


Mom: Your what?

Me: My furkid. You've never heard that expression?


Mom: No.

Me: Oh, well now you have. He's my furkid!


Mom: I have to go...

Ha! Ok, she didn't really get off the phone with me, but she did quickly change the subject.


Bella's mom said...

Haha that is so awesome I love it!
Furkid :-)

eikoleigh said...

I love that expression "Furkid" - hahaha.

I think there's a license plate frame in my neighborhood that has something like "My Grandkid is a furbaby".... But it doesn't sound like your mom would find that humorous though.... :-)

JuLo said...

Heh. No. She's not really into anything "cutsie".

Philip said...

Haha, I often say to people that I have to go take care of my child, and almost always the response is "You have a child?!", so I clarify that it's a fur-child, and they just give me strange looks :)