Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Changes All Around

I generally don't like change. It makes me confused, disoriented, and stressed. But once I finally embrace change, I embrace it all the way. So today I was thinking about my display name. JuLo is kind of an inside joke with my family. I used it when I started blogging with them, and never really thought about updating it when I started my own blogs. But it is a kind of weird name, right? So I've been thinking about changing it...but to what? Check out my poll and let me know what you think of my new ideas. Even better, let me know if you can think of an awesome one on your own and I just may pick it!

Update: Ok, you guys need to leave a comment telling me what the name is if you think of your own! LOL!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

You ARE JuLo even though I know your real name! (Mwah ha ha...)

I guess it depends on why you want to change your screen name. To get away from the past? Or to embrace a new identity? Sorry, didn't mean to sound all philosophical.

Oh, I know, you could be Deranged-dog-owner-who-dress-up-their-dog :D

eikoleigh said...

Well...since I don't know your real name, I can't say why "Julo" doesn't make sense....

But heck, look at my screen name.... hahaha

Do what makes you happy, whether it's making cute little book marks, dressing up Theo or changing your screen name. But personally, I think "Julo" is fine.

JuLo said...

lol! Well, I guess I was thinking of changing it because...I don't know. I thought other people probably thought it was weird. I'm not really changing my identity to go with it. I'll still be me. ;)

I guess everyone likes the old name, then I'll keep it! :D