Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Instant Liking

The last week or so I've seen a couple walking around my neighborhood around the same time I walk Theo in the evenings.  Theo took an instant liking to them, and they loved him right back. Whenever we see them, they always stop to say hello to Theo and chat for a bit.  I think they like each other so much because they have something in common: they're Welsh!  That's right, the couple is originally from Wales, and they have a fantastic Welsh accent.  They're not from Pembroke, but I don't think Theo begrudges them that.

I'll have to show them the "Real Corgis Speak Welsh" line of gocco cards that Ivy has sent me.  I'll bet they would get a kick out of it.

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a corgi said...

how cute! I bet Theo did spot them as Welsh; my corgi is not fond of a lot of dogs, but he is fond of corgis and he seems to be able to spot them from far off and he knows the word "corgi"

I bet Theo likes his evening walks; they like that routine

enjoy the day