Friday, October 10, 2008

Missed Photo Op

Last night I was hanging out in the office, typing away on my laptop, when I noticed Theo was being awfully quiet. Usually after we play a thrilling game of fetch he starts in on trying to decimate his antler chew. I can hear him chewing and scraping all night, except at that point last night when it was quiet. Too quiet. I turned around to see Theo flat back on the floor with his mouth around the end of the antler chew. He wasn't asleep. He was just lying there, apparently too overtaken with exhaustion to scrape his teeth against the chew one more time. But there it was, still in his mouth! It was so cute, I immediately pulled out the camera so I could get a picture and share the cuteness with you all. But as soon as I turned on the camera, the chew dropped out of his mouth as he tilted his head up to look at me. Darn, I need a stealthier camera!


Kathie said...

Dogs, cats, and kids are great at changing expressions or moving the moment you go for the camera. Theo is so cute!
Blessings from Costa Rica

Jenna Z said...

Tell me about it!! I am cat sitting for my friend and I've been trying to get head profile shots of both her cats so I can make cut paper silhouettes of them for her. They turn their heads as soon as the camera clicks so I NEVER get a side profile! Dang them! Sully can be posed and contorted and told to stay but if he's in his own crazy cute position and I tell him to stay, he automatically assumes a more obedience pose (either sitting or laying down) so a stealth camera is essential for candid shots!

JuLo said...

Haha. Unfortunately, my more stealthy camera also happens to take much crappier pictures. :( *sigh* I guess it's better to get a bad picture, then not get a picture at all.

Puglette said...

That sounds so cute! Just laying there with his antler...Honey, our corgi / pom used to do that with squeaky toys. She used to lay on the floor squeak, squeak, squeak until she fell asleep with the toy still in her mouth. That was before she discovered the joy of ripping the stuffing out.