Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Slight Disagreement

I had a conversation with my mother last week. It was over the course of a few days and across a few mediums. It went something like this:

Me: I got Theo a Halloween costume. He's going to be Officer Theo! I'm super excited, he's going to look really cute. Check out these pictures I took of him in his new costume.

Mom: You are seriously deranged. I consider this animal abuse.
(That is a direct, cut-and-paste quote.)

Me: I am not! It's not more abusive than you dressing me up as a child. What's the big deal?

Mom: You know how I feel about people who dress up their dogs.

Me: I'm not dressing him up and walking him around town just for the sake of it. It's Halloween! It's a costume!

Mom:'re dressing him up. I don't know anyone who is crazy enough to dress up their dogs.

Me: No one? No one even for Halloween?

Mom: No one.

Me: Not even your sister dresses up Brownie, the dachshund she's absolutely nuts about?

Mom: No.

Me: I'll bet she does and she just doesn't tell you about it because she knows you'll call her deranged and abusive.

Mom: ...probably....


Lynn said...

HAHA, that's hilarious. You can tell your mom that your crazy friend is MAKING her corgi a costume...

Elizabeth said...

hahah. now I want to see photos of Brownie!

Manda Girl said...

That's too funny. I sometimes forget that people are completely against dressing their dogs - although the dogs always remind me how much they hate it ;)

JuLo said...

Lynn, somehow I don't think that would help...then she'd just be against me blogging too. :p Oh, I can't wait to see what you make for Lucy. Post pictures!!!!

Elizabeth, I wish I had some pictures of Brownie. :( I don't see her very often. Theo met her when we went up to Reno last year. She's definitely in the grumpy old woman phase of her life. She was being very territorial with Theo (she snapped at him!) until I took the two of them for a walk together. A few good butt sniffs and they were fine with each other. :p

Manda, you know who is against dressing up their dogs? People who don't have dogs! Ha! I totally understand that dressing up your dog on a daily basis like it was a doll can be a bit...weird. But Halloween is a free pass, for sure.

Haha, Theo hated being in the costume. That is, until we loaded him up with treats...then he was fine with it. :p

eikoleigh said...

LOL...I love it.

Julo, you are right. It's people who don't have dogs who complain about other people dressing them up.

It's funny how some people are so against dressing up dogs, even for Halloween. What's the big deal? We dress up babies and they have no idea it's Halloween either.

My dogs are my Halloween greeters when I pass out candy and the kids love the costumes on the dogs. It's all in fun.

One of my corgis will be a hot dog vendor this year (baseball cap and t-shirt) and the other will be the hot dog (in a hot dog costume, naturally).

JuLo said...

Oh that sounds so cute! How do the dogs do with the trick or treaters and vice versa? I would like Officer Theo to greet the kids, but I don't want to scare the kids. He won't attack them or anything, but he'll walk out the door and sniff 'em. Anyone have experience with this?

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Tell your mom to call us! Over webcam!! LOL :D

eikoleigh said...

Hi Julo, my corgis basically go up to the kids when them come to the door, but they've been trained to not go through the doorway. Since Theo's been through training, he should be okay, but *just in case,* you could hook a leash on him (in case he forgets and is lured by the smell of candy...yum....)

The kids get to pet my doggies (if they want) and that's kinda it.

Some kids are nervous around dogs, but most of the ones in my neighborhood either already know the dogs or have dogs. As long as the dogs don't jump on the kids, which is scary for children, being as short as they usu are, it should be fine. Leash may come in handy for that.

After the kids leave and if my boys have been good, they get a little doggie treat from the treat bag.

We haven't had any bad experiences and the kids seem to enjoy it.


Spectater said...

i met a chick last weekend who said she has a bikini for her mini pinscher.

JuLo said...

Oh, you give me too much credit! Theo is very well behaved...but he's still a stubborn puppy who does what he wants when he feels like he's entitled. When people come over, he feels he's entitled to run out the door, jump up all over them, and say hello.

But I think this will be an excellent opportunity to have a training session with Theo. I will definitely make sure he sits inside the door for pets, and no jumping or trying to steal candy from children! I'm sure Officer Theo will just be trying to test them for poison, but still. ;)

JuLo said...

lol! What a slut. ;)

Gillian said...

That's hilarious..! Excited to see Theo's Halloween costume.

eikoleigh said...

Oh, yeah, this would be a great training session for Theo. I can just imagine him getting all googly eyed at the kids with candy - hahaha.

Lynn...are you making your corgi a costume? If you are, "wow" is all I can say.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Just direct Mom to the Mayflower Corgi picnic post on my blog. Lots of dressed up Corgis there! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Cat ^..^