Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's A Small World After All

I've mentioned on my non-dog blog (haha, can't read it anymore unless you ask!) that I mostly keep up with Facebook because there is a person or two I could possibly stand re-connecting with. Ok, who am I kidding...I am a total gossip whore and I want to know what 10 years has done to the people I used to know! Not to mention it's the only way I hear what's going on with my sister sometimes (What? My phone magicaclly doesn't work sometimes...).

Well just a few minutes ago a girl I was friendly with in high school sent me a message asking if I wrote a dog blog and if Theo was going to be Officer Theo for Halloween. Ha! No way! Of all the billions of people on these crazy interwebs, my little blog has reached someone who knows me from way back when. Oh what a small world it is.

Well now that I know she reads the blog, and I know she might be reading this, I guess I better say some nice things about her. We weren't super close friends, but she was always really nice and a joy to have in my classes. She was also super smart from what I remember...I don't remember much, but if I have zero bad memories of her, then she must have been pretty awesome because I always remember the bad stuff.

So yes, Facebook friend, you know the owner of the "famous Theo", though I don't know how famous that is. Personally, I think he's so adorable and awesome that he should be the most famous dog since Moose the Jack Russell Terrier (i.e. Eddie from Frasier and whatever his name was in the Mask)...but you know, I'm a little biased.

Update: Oh I've just been informed that we've actually been going to school together since junior high. Whoops! Who can even remember that far back? I barely remember the name of my junior high school, let alone who went there.