Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Is My Best Picture Of Theo?

OMG, OMG, OMG!  It's that time of year again! calendar photo submission!  That's right, Theo could be the star of his very own month, available for purchase!  I'm a little excited if you couldn't tell.

Now my question is, what picture do I pick?!  We only get one submission, which is understandable, but still totally bogus.  Don't they know I'm indecisive?!  Don't they know trying to whittle it down to just one picture is going to give me nightmares?  How can I narrow the hundreds of pictures I have of Theo down to just one?  I need your help.  Yes, you! Which picture of Theo is your favorite?  Because you all regulary peruse my Flickr pictures and pick our your favorites, right? don't?  Shoot.  Well on the off chance that a certain picture of Theo sticks out in your mind, let me know.  I would appreciate it.  If not, I'll be posting again soon with some of my favs to see what y'all think.


Puglette said...

my favorite picture is the one in your header. that is such a cute picture.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Man, that's hard!! I can't believe they make you pick one!! (Well, it might be because of people like us last year who submitted a whole bunch... oops) There are so many good ones as he's so photogenic! Do you have a list of "finalists"? I really like this one:

He's so cute!! But then I haven't looked through every pix... tough decision! Speaking of which I probably should start looking for one too... :)

JuLo said...

I know, right? Psh, way to ruin it for the rest of us Ivy! ;p No this year they probably have the rule because so many more people joined. They can't sift through 100 pictures from 100 people, ya know?

I like that one too! I'm definitely going to put together a list (when I get some freaking time! O_o) of my favorites, but it's going to be nearly impossible for me to narrow it down to just one. Stay tuned!

Oh that latest batch of pictures you uploaded had a great one of Bryson looking so happy! I love it!

Chantel said...

Hi Julo!
Your Theo is so handsome, it's very difficult picking just one photo.

I like this one:

Corgi Hugs!
Chantel & Bella

Kelly said...

Whoops! I totally submitted 3 photos for that :) They didn't say anything though, just 'thanks for the submissions!'

These are the two I'm torn between (one is very 'calendar like' and the other is just freakin cute):

a corgi said...

wow, there were lots of pictures there!! he's so cute; it is hard to pick; I'm going to wait until you pick your favorites and vote on one of those; cute idea for the calendar; I marked the spot; I might enter one of Koda

have a good day

JuLo said...

Thanks everyone for your input! I just went through and picked a bunch of pictures. Stay tuned for the vote!