Sunday, October 26, 2008

Round 2!

Wow, thanks to everyone that voted on the first round! Some of them were really close. I've posted new polls with the winners. Have fun voting on round 2! Here the list of all the pictures that were liked best in the first round:

Theo the Ball of Sleep
Baby Theo Stare
Pensive Theo
Theo Takes a Sick Day
Theo Chews a Tribble
Theo Breathing the Ocean Air
Theo on a Bench
Theo the Goofball
Theo at the Beach
Theo Smiling at Me

You know, I think these are the ones I would have chosen too. Oh, and I've added one new poll. I want it to come out even for the next round, and it just so happens that there are two pictures I took at the dog park last week that I think would be good additions to the poll. Here they are!

Theo Smiling Nice at the Park

Theo's Kisses

This one might be too blurry when it's larger. :(


Philip said...

Theo is so precious, it's so hard to choose!
I got a couple of nice shots of him from the weekend, I'll make sure to post them on my blog once I get them off of my camera.
Great meeting you guys :)

JuLo said...

Did you see John's pictures that he linked on the meetup site? He got a cute one of Theo and Philip playing. :)

It was great to meet you too! I'm glad that Theo and Philip got along so well. Maybe we can meet up at a dog park sometime.

I would love to see your shots of them. :) Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery by the time they started playing so I didn't get any. :( Why do I always forget to do that? Heh.

a corgi said...

these were hard to pick from since he's so adorable, but I voted :)


Philip said...

Oohh, I just checked out John's photos, Theo is such a star officer! I love the one of him barking at Philip, true to his officer self!

Yeah, it would be fun to get together in a park sometimes, maybe some others from the group would want to join too. We mostly have big dogs in our local park, and as much as Philip loves them, they don't feel the same back when he pounces on their heads :)

I'll shoot you an email so we have some contact outside of the blogs.

JuLo said...

Haha. I loved his commentary on the pictures. It was so darned cute!

I am totally in love with Philip's personality! He is so friendly and playful and easy going. You definitely got a great pup! :)