Friday, October 24, 2008

Set Your Tivos!

Or DVRs or VCRs or...whatever came before VCRs (betamax?). Anyway, tomorrow (Saturday) night Animal Planet is airing an episode of Dogs 101 that will feature non other than my favorite type of furball, the PWC! I'll call this the video of the week: homework required. ;)

Here are the details: Here is the website for more information. From their schedule it looks like it airs at 8pm e/p, and then again at 11:00pm, and then again at 3:00am, so if your Tivo throws up all over itself and somehow can't manage to record the show (like mine often does), there are several other chances to watch!

It looks like this episode will also feature the Jack Russell Terrier, the Vizsla, and the German Shepherd. So, wait, we don't get a full 60 minutes devoted just to Corgis? I know I could talk about Corgis for 60 minutes, easily (in fact I often do!). But I would be grateful for just 10 minutes of airtime. Corgis are definitely lacking on the silver screen if you ask me. I'm curious what aspects of the breed they'll focus on.

And as much as I would love to take credit for being so considerate as to alert you all to this wonderful program, the thought didn't actually cross my mind until a wonderfully nice woman from Animal Planet emailed me and asked if I would mind spreading the word. She also asked me to tell everyone that "in case folks don't get a chance to catch the show - we'll have a special corgi clip on the Animal Planet website that will go up sometime over the weekend."

So there you have it. Will you be checking out Dogs 101 tomorrow night? I know I want to...cross your fingers for my Tivo to decide to function tomorrow!


Waterrose said...

OH, I didn't realize you had this blog too! Very cool and I voted on all of your pictures. So hard to decide!

JuLo said...

Yes! Thanks for voting! :D