Saturday, October 11, 2008

Theo's Job

How did it take me this long to realize? Theo is a Corgi. Corgis are herding dogs. They need to feel like they have a job to do. I've read in more placed than I can count that if you don't give a Corgi a job to do they'll make one up for themselves. Theo plays fetch obsessively. I'll play fetch with him in the house, then take him outside and he'll want to play more fetch. Then when we go back in the house he'll want to play even more fetch. It's so obvious to me now...

It's his job!!!

Fetching a toy or ball is Theo's job. I guess in his crazy dog mind fetching a tribble for hours on end is the equivalent of my pushing papers all day. When he talks shop with the pugs at the dog park he tells them all about the time he managed to retrieve the tribble from a very tight space without needing his person's interference, or the many times he's caught the ball outside, mid-bounce, and managed to avoid plowing into the wall aftwards.

As far as jobs go, I guess I shouldn't complain. Usually when they say Corgis give themselves a job, it's usually followed by "and you won't like what it is". I'm not thrilled that Theo's job involves me constantly throwing a drool soaked toy, but it's much better than tearing the stuffing out of his bed, or eating the towels in his crate, or chewing on the walls. If fetch is Theo's job, then I'll be sure to try and give him a Christmas bonus.


Elizabeth said...

Have you seen the video on youtube of the dachshund and the ball throwing machine? It's awesome.

eikoleigh said...

Julo, it's funny, but I think you totally hit on it. That probably is Theo's job, self designated and all, but his job nonetheless. LOL

One of my corgis is fetch obsessed too, so I can totally relate. We fetched so much yesterday that he looked like he was going to pass out. Yet he still trudged forward (practically dragging his feet), dropped the ball at my shoes, then barked at me to throw it. I walked away a few times, but he would pick up the ball and follow me, insisting that I throw the ball. OCD. :-0

JuLo said...

Elizabeth, no I haven't seen the video. Are these machines available for purchase? ;)

Eikoleigh, sounds like one of yours is just like Theo. Theo will play fetch until he starts limping. Even then I bet he still would but of course I won't throw it anymore. They're so funny.

coopercreek said...

I enjoyed your blog. Theo is a cutie.

a corgi said...

just found your blog; Theo is adorable! that is interesting that you need to give a corgi a job or they'll find one; I think I now know why our corgi is fanatical about going outside and patrolling the backyard against cats and lizards, its his job, and other than the barking to get let outside, its not too bad (so far)

cute blog :)


JuLo said...

Thank you coppercreek and betty! Welcome to the blog. :)

Oh thank goodness Theo doesn't think barking is his job, or I might be deaf right now. ;) He does, however, feel the need to bark profusely whenever he hears another dog outside. Thank goodness we live on a quiet street with not a lot of people walking around.