Wednesday, November 19, 2008

But Can He Herd?

  1. Theo and I will be going with Sidney and his mom to do their herding instinct test next Saturday (the 29th)!  I'm so excited!
  2. That will be Thanksgiving weekend, so I have a feeling Theo will have quite the posse with him.
  3. It turns out the place that we're taking them is less than 10 miles from my house.  Who knew?  So if we decide to pursue this, at least it won't involve a lot of driving.
  4. Don't worry, there will be lots of picture taking.  LOTS!

  5. I have a few more new pictures up on flickr.  Theo was very photogenic last weekend.
  6. See that super furry bit under Theo's chin?  I like to nuzzle my head there and give him kisses.  Usually he's not a fan, but when he's in a playful mood he'll jump on my head and play growl.
  7. Theo doesn't like people petting the top of his head, but he doesn't ever seem to mind a chest rub.   ....  How do I say that so it doesn't sound wrong?
  8. I was casually invited by the woman who runs the doggy daycare facility we take Theo to a flyball tournament last Saturday.  I couldn't make it (see pictures of walk with Sidney), but didn't think I'd be missed.  Turns out this woman and her whole team were hoping I would come.  Doh!  I hope she invites me again!  I still want to check out their practices!
  9. This same woman asked if I was going to the Rally Obedience class that started last night.  I said no, we were doing the agility class instead.  That's when I found out she teaches the Rally class.  Doh!  She thought I should have done her class.   I told her I planned to take it after I was done with agility, but she didn't seem interested in my excuses.
  10. I hope she doesn't hate me.  I know she loves Theo.
  11. This is a long list day!
  12. I can't wait to find out if Theo is a finalist in the 2009 calendar.  
  13. So looking at the list of people who follow my blog, it looks like there's a lot of Corgi/dog blogs out there I don't have linked.  If you have a dog blog and are interested in a link swap between us, shoot me an email ( 


flanthrower said...

It's clear from this list that you and Theo are quite popular! =)

JuLo said...

Haha! Oh you flatter me! I sure don't feel popular, but I do love that there's so much out there available for Theo to enjoy!

Puglette said...

cute little corgi pants!

Dances with Corgis said...

I can't wait to hear how the herding instinct test goes!!!

It should be so much fun :)

Good luck, Theo!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Theo's one busy little guy! Have fun at the herding instinct test! Show Bryson how to do it! ;D

a corgi said...

Theo has such an exciting life! I love to read the different things he's doing! that herding instinct test seems interesting! Koda herds us; he's so much happier when we are all in the same room and he can block the door so we can't get out; they are too funny!!

I tell you; its been fun checking out all the corgi blogs! I'm supposed to be trying to cut down my online time but then I find another corgi blog and of course I have to follow them :)


JuLo said...

Thanks everyone! I'm kind of bummed it's not for another week and a half. I don't want to wait! Hehe. I'll let you know how it goes.

Betty, the blog helps encourage me to keep Theo's life exciting. If I feel like the blog is getting boring, I figure it means Theo is probably bored too. ;)

Parker and Grover said...

Awww, Theo is looking like SUCH a man lately! How old is he? I hope Grover's chest fills out like his! He has two flaps of but hair in the back that have really filled out, but that's about it!
Can't wait to hear about the herding! I wish we had more stuff like that in my area!

JuLo said...

Theo just turned 11 months old this week. Eep! He's almost a year! They grow up so fast. *sigh*

Yes, I really lucked out that there's a place so close. Especially since I live in suburbia! Southern California has nothing if not variety. Hehe. Are you sure there's nothing in your area? I figured the nearest herding place would be 100 miles away, until I did a little searching and asked around the community a bit.