Thursday, November 20, 2008

His Nemesis

  1. Theo is so unhappy about the Wii Fit that last night when I was playing he jumped up on the couch, snuggled up next to Husband, and put his head in his lap.  He completely neglected his own 2 feet distance at all times rule!  He must have wanted some serious comfort.  
  2. When I gave Husband a go on the game I figured I could take his place in the snuggle department.  Of course, that was naive of me.  Once I sat down Theo jumped down and went and got a toy for me to throw.
  3. We had a great time in agility class last night.  We did lots more jumps, and practiced going up and down the really tall A-frame.  Theo had a blast on the A-frame.  Whenever I would walk him in the vicinity, he would go and run over it (and that sucker is tall!).  I only wish it were a smaller class.  With equipment like the A-frame we go one dog at a time, and naturally, some dogs just aren't into it at first, and it can take awhile for it to be your turn again.  Theo and I would both get a bit antsy.  But if I were ever in doubt of Theo liking agility, this class did away with it.  He loves the obstacles.  I can already tell the hardest part is going to be getting him to listen to me when I try and tell him where to go.  But that won't be for a very long while.
  4. Husband takes Theo to doggy daycare in the mornings.  On a rare day we're both ready at the same time and end up leaving together.  That happened this morning.  Theo got really excited, thinking we were going somewhere all together.  I let him in the garage, let him in the car, then closed the door, got into my car and left.  Husband was with him the whole time, but I've never seen a more pathetic look from Theo.  How can such a usually unaffectionate dog be so clingy?  Heh.
  5. I made the mistake of googling agility equipment and found this website.  Looks like if we really get into this we can purchase some pretty easy to set up equipment for the backyard.  Too bad it all adds up to be a bit of a bank breaker! We'll leave it at a nice big "if" for now.


Lynn said...

Hmmm that site is dangerous. I haven't even tried agility with lucy yet and I want to buy agility equipment!

Theo sounds hilarious. I think it's funny that Wii Fit is his nemesis.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Oh yeah, those agility equipment is dangerous! We don't even have a backyard and we almost bought something! You know up here in San Francisco, a few of us corgi agility people got together and got the SF SPCA do a corgis-only agility class for us a while back. The class was small, and everyone was (about) the same size. Maybe you should try for something like that! Just a thought ;)

a corgi said...

I was over at Kelly's journal with Gibson and she made a comment about her little one being clingy; they really are, aren't they?

agility class sounded fun!


Jenna Z said...

Wow, way to go Theo!

A great time-waster while you're waiting in class is rally doodles. Quick little exercises like 90 and 180 pivots, halt-sits, stop and down, sit-down-sit, sit-stand-down and on and on! Even if you're not going into Rally, it keeps the dog's mind busy and focused on you. And if you ever move into obedience, you're set!

You can make you're own equipment with pvc pipe, so cheap! The only thing you need is a PVC pipe cutter, works like scissors, so easy!

Mighty Mites has neat-o pac-n-go sets for agility that are SO lite. I've been thinking about buying their jump set because it comes with a broad jump that packs up so small. They also have tea-cup size equipment which can be hard to find. Don't know if you have TDAA in your area, we have a few trials here and corgis are allowed.

Kelly said...

Oh I can't wait til next summer when Gibson can do agility! It sounds so fun. And i totally want to buy a jump for our backyard!

eikoleigh said...

Agility training sounds like such fun!! Wish I had the time to do that with my boys.

Puglette said...

Hi, I agree, you can make your own agility equipment. we have a pvc pipe weave pole section out bck and a couple of jumps. My mom in law made hers with whatever she could find at grage sales. her a-frame is just two plywood boards propped up and connected with hinges.