Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Missed Opportunity

Philip's owner posted on our local Corgi meetup group's message board this week, saying that she would be going out of town over Thanksgiving weekend and was wondering if there were any Corgi owners out there who would be willing to Philip-sit. First off, props to her! That's a great idea! Rather than boarding a dog up in a kennel, I'm sure Philip would much rather be in a home, and even better, a Corgi home!

Second, yes please! I would have jumped at the idea of having a second dog for the weekend. I mean, I would get to see what it would be like having two dogs without, you know, having two dogs. Plus, Theo would have a playmate for a few days. Not to mention Philip is the most adorable puppy ever. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed with Husband's immediate refusal. Boo! He said "no way, Jose" faster than Theo could wolf down a piece of cheese. Boo! I guess I understand his point of view. We'll be having houseguests and enough going on without a houseguest of the canine persuasion. But I still wish we could do it.

Fortunately, there were already 3 or 4 other people who were also willing to take Philip in for the weekend. I think it's so great that my local Corgi community is so friendly and welcoming! It's also nice to know that I can suggest the same thing next time we need to go out of town and leave Theo behind (no plans for that in the forseeable future, but you never know). Hopefully the next time she goes out of town Husband will be more amenable to the idea. *fingers crossed*


a corgi said...

that is a great thing to think about; to board a corgi in a fellow corgi's home; kind of like a corgi sleepover party!! Mr. Koda would have nothing to do with that as he's Mr. AntiSocial.

I think in this case hubby was wise; too many different things to add a corgi to the mix on this particular weekend; I bet you'll get your chance again

stop by my journal sometime; I have an award for you and Theo

enjoy your day


Llyn said...

I weally wuv yer Theo. He's a tootie pie! Anyway, you've been tagged!! Visit my blog for instructions and leave me a comment if you're gonna do it!!

Ash said...

I just wanted to say that I think Theo is too cute for words! And I love the idea behind your blog!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

It's awesome that you have that community to help each others out! That's what we're doing with Picasso and a few other friends, not only do you know they're in a safe and happy place, it also saves a lot of dough ;)

JuLo said...

Betty, you're so right. Husband was right this time. Next time his excuses may not work. :p Of course, I would want Philip to come over for a test run first, just to see how Theo would react to him in the house. We've had other dogs over to the house when Theo was a very young puppy. I'm not sure how he would react now.

Wow, I've been tagged twice in one day! Thanks Betty and Llyn! I'll try and do these tomorrow. :D

Ash, thanks so much! I wish I could have better videos of Theo because if you think he's cute in pictures, you ain't seen nothing until you've heard him and seen his adorable mannerisms. He's a lot of fun. ;)

Ivy, community is always nice, too true! I imagine it would give such peace of mind knowing that your furkid is somewhere probably having more fun than if they were home with you! Hehe.

Philip said...

Whew, it's been a busy weekend :) Just checked in and saw a post about my baby again!
I'm so glad I made that post, I wasn't sure what the response would be, but we really do have a great group of people there!
Great point on the "test run", we did just that over the weekend with Edgar to make sure they would be okay for Thanksgiving, it's always good to be sure. And then, provided all goes well, Theo would be totally welcome here if you ever needed him watched. That would be so much fun!

JuLo said...

OMG, lol! Be careful what you wish for. Hehe. Philip is such an angel compared to Theo. Theo is a little terror! Hehe. But as my husband says, I wouldn't have it any other way. ;) Thanks for the offer! Hopefully we'll get to take a real vacation next year. So far the only plans we have involve taking the little monster with us. :D