Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Without My Treats!

  1. Yesterday when I tried take Theo on his walk in the morning he refused and instead nudged his nose at the front door.  When he acts out of the ordinary I figure he's trying to tell me something (What is it Lassie?  Timmy is stuck in the well?), so I opened the door to let him back inside.  He went and sat by the stairs, gazing intently at the treat bag I had accidentally left behind.  "Not without my treats, Mommy!"
  2. Sometimes when we play fetch Theo gets so excited as he's turning to run after the toy that he whacks his head into the wall...sometimes pretty hard. Ouch.
  3. Theo was very cute yesterday morning as I headed off to work.  Husband was heading out to take him to doggy daycare at the same time, so Theo was in the car.  He was obviously still a bit stressed that I had been gone all last weekend because he was giving me the biggest "Don't leave me again, Mommy!" look I have ever seen.  He even smooshed his face against the back windshield when I walked behind the car!  What a cutie pie.
  4. Yes, I'm liking the lists.  Please tell me if it bugs you.
  5. The votes are in and the *knock on wood* picture of Theo that will hopefully be gracing the 2009 mycorgi.com calendar is...
*drumroll please*

Theo smiling at me!  By 14 votes to 7, quite a big majority.  Maybe I'll ask if I can submit two because I do love the goofball one too.  Anyway, I'll be sending it in to the appropriate admins tonight!  My heart may get broken just a little if he doesn't make it.  Have you noticed I tend to get my heart set on things?


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

It's such a bummer we can't submit more than one photo! Such a dilemma... The deadline is this weekend, right? Gotta make up my mind!!

a corgi said...

I like your lists; Theo is so cute! they really are creatures of habit; if I go the "wrong" way on a walk, he reminds me that we need to go his way (he usually stops and looks the other way that he thinks we should go)

great picture for the calendar!! good luck with it!!


Chantel said...

It's amazing how smart Theo is!
I will be starting obedience training with Bella soon...I hope she becomes as smart as Theo :-)

JuLo said...

Ivy, the deadline is Saturday! It totally sucks we can only pick one, but it's a nice excuse to go through all your pictures at least. ;)

Betty, I'm sure Theo would love to lead us all over the place, but we have him walk with "manners", so next to us and we pick the route. But sometimes if we try and pass up the little park in our neighborhood, he'll give us strong hints that he wants to go. Hehe.

Chantel, don't worry, Bella will be start too! I'm sure! With Corgis you just have to speak their language...the language of food. ;p

eikoleigh said...

I love that pic of Theo - so sweet and so cute.