Monday, November 3, 2008

Wish Us Luck!

Tonight we separate the pups from the dogs.  Theo will be taking his Good Canine Citizenship test!  I've been trying to work with him all week.  Unfortunately, a lot of the test involves the tester interacting with Theo, so there wasn't a whole lot I could do just him and me, but I practiced general obedience a lot, so hopefully he will be very well behaved.  Two things I'm nervous about: the barking and the walking well on a leash with no treats allowed.  Theo is generally not much of a barker, but something about that place, he just can't contain himself, and his excitement comes out in barks.  I'm going to try and tire him out so he'll be too tired to bark! (if only there was such a thing!)  Also, Theo generally walks very well on leash, even without a treat present.  But there are certain areas of the training yard that he just doesn't like and always tries to run past.  I think I'll ask if I can avoid those areas.

You know what I realized?  There are 10 steps to passing the test.  When I first read the steps of the test before I took this class, I only trusted Theo to pass one of them (staying in a down while I walk away for a short period of time).  As of class last week, I think Theo has the potential to pass all of them.  That is just amazing!  He's really matured over the last few weeks.

I'll either be posting a very excited or very disappointed post later this evening.  Hehe.  Stay tuned!

PS: I know I was going to post about the dog beach today, but it looks like I'll be packing instead.  I'm going to be traveling for work all week.  Ack!  But I'm taking my laptop, so I should be able to post every day, and maybe I'll even get some pictures uploaded! 

PPS: Don't leave me with another tie on the polls people!  I need at least one more person to vote on poll 2.  Don't be shy!


Lynn said...

Oh wow, good luck! Lucy would definitely not pass that test. Not so good at walking on the leash. Can't wait to hear the results!

Grover and Parker said...

Good Luck!!! I'm sure he'll do great!! And remember, he's not even a year old yet, right? So just the fact that he's almost ready to take the test is awesome!!!
Let us know how it goes!!

MoonMystic said...

Good luck, Theo!!! You'll do great. Tank's challenge was the 3 minute supervised separation. Can't wait to hear how you did!

Puglette said...

good luck! I am really interested in trying for that too.

Philip said...

Wow, best of luck, hope Theo shows his very best! Can't wait to hear how it went, and to see the pictures from the beach too :)

a corgi said...

good luck to Theo and you!!! I have confidence in him; I know he can do this!!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Hey, good luck with the CGC test!! Look forward to hearing how it went!

JuLo said...

Thanks everyone. I think your well wishes somehow got into Theo's brain and he managed to keep his wits during class for once! ;)