Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweet Boy

  1. I've had a tough week, nothing terrible, just a bit emotional. Theo was so great at cuddling with me when I was upset about something. He never cuddles with me. That dog just warms my heart
  2. We finally bought some rugs for the living room and dining room (since we switched to hardwood), and some small rugs for places like in front of the front door. Theo immediately decided they were all beds for him. He was laying on the mat by the front door all afternoon.
  3. If I do with a gift card for the Halloween costume contest, I'll buy something to give away to one of you guys on the blog. That would be really fun I think. :D
  4. Before I started that whole "pick a picture of Theo" thing, I should have looked at each photo blown up first. When I went to submit the one you all picked, I realized that when it's all big, it's actually not in focus at all, which is crazy because all small it looks perfect! Thankfully I had one that was similar that was more in focus:

I think this one works too though. Man, how to people get clear pictures? I must shake like an old woman or something.


a corgi said...

hoping you have a relaxful weekend after your tough week; so cute about Theo taking over the rugs as his new beds; I bet he thought he was in "heaven" with so many new places to sleep!

hoping Theo doesn't get like Koda as he grows; Koda hates to get his picture taken; when I bring out the camera, he walks away or turns away. it takes forever to get a good shot of him

Theo is so photogenic!

enjoy your weekend


JuLo said...

Hehe, yes. He did seem to be a very happy boy today. I think he's most glad to have his ottoman back. The ottoman to our leather chair he absolutely loves to sleep on. Can't way I blame him...I sleep in the chair! Hehe.

Oh Theo hates having his picture taken. Those pictures where he's giving me a "what do you want?" look? Yeah, that's what he usually looks like. He hates the way the camera sounds when it takes a picture. Believe me, for every cute picture of Theo there are 5 more that were totally cuter that I couldn't snap before he moved. Hehe. I just take a lot of pictures, so I end up with a couple of good ones. :)

Thanks Betty!

eikoleigh said...

Betty & Julo, re the camera response... GEE - sounds like my boys with the camera too! It's hard to get good shots with either of them. I think it's the flash (when it goes off) on mine. :-\ I have so many pictures of them giving me "the look" when I download my pics. Thank goodness for digital. hehe

Julo, I can just imagine Theo sprawled out on new rugs! We have hardwood floors too and when we bought two new rugs, one really shaggy wool rug and one plush rug, the boys decided they liked the rugs more than their own beds!! I come home to see them lounging around on them all the time. It's just adorable.