Sunday, November 2, 2008

Theo's First Halloween

I still can't believe that Theo isn't even a year old yet. I feel like I've had him forever (in a good way). Apparently the neighbors agree because I had one woman say that she remembered Theo from Halloween last year. He just sticks in your mind I guess. I'm so glad that it's finally the holiday season! Experiencing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Chanukah with Theo for the first time is going to make it even more special.

This was the most fun I've had on Halloween for a long time. Theo had a great time. I don't know how well other people's dogs do, but Theo was not the most well behaved dog that night...not that I was surprised, or blame him. I could not keep him in the house! Whenever a pack of trick or treaters (that's right, they travel in packs in my neighborhood) would show up at the door, Theo would go running out and personally greet each child. Thankfully I have some brave children in my neighborhood because there were no tears, only "awwww"s.

He gave me a couple of heart attacks though. We always keep our front gate closed to keep Theo in, but even when it's open he knows he's not supposed to cross it without permission. Well obviously the gate was left open all night because of the comings and goings of the treaters, so a couple of times Theo bolted out of the gate. Thankfully he stayed on the sidewalk because he was only interested in greeting the passing dogs out on their evening walk, but I still was none too happy about it. Something to work on for next year.

Overall I think Theo's first Halloween was a resounding success! Can't wait for it to come again next year!

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about this mornings trip to the dog beach. It was fun, but man am I tired!


a corgi said...

seems like Theo had a wonderful Halloween!! we helped out at our church's carnival so our corgi spent some of the evening in his crate up in our room with the fan on and TV on for background noise so he wouldn't hear too much of the commotion outside; he thinks every time the doorbell rings, it is a treat (a delivery man used to always give him a dog biscuit) so we disconnected the doorbell so it wouldn't ring while we were gone; the things we do for our dogs :)

cute entry and picture :)


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Look at Theo's face in that picture! Totally precious!! :D

eikoleigh said...

Ah, so cute!! I'm sure the kids loved being greeted by Officer Theo. My boys were my little Halloween greeters too. They were a hit!

Glad to hear Theo had a good 1st Halloween! :-)

JuLo said...

Well Betty it sounds like you were just being considerate to me! Who would want to listen to the poor door bell ringing all night? And those kids can be ruthless!

I was very happy that the kids liked Theo. I was afraid they would be scared of him, but I should have known better. He's the most nonthreatening dog ever. One of our neighbors came over just to see him.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I just found you and I have a corgi too! Theo looks like he is a hoot!