Friday, November 28, 2008

Like A Kid On Christmas Morning

When I let Theo out of his crate this morning he ran straight to our guest room, saw it was empty, then ran straight downstairs to find Husband's parents. He was like a kid of Christmas morning, running to the tree to find his presents. He really loves his grandfurparents, and especially loves house guests.

I know the posts these last couple of days haven't been the most riveting. It's hard to sit down and write a good post when your whole house is aflutter with guests. It's definitely something I'm not used to. At least tomorrow we'll be doing Theo's herding instinct test. I'm really excited about it! Hopefully I'll be posting lots of stories all about it tomorrow.

I've noticed some discussion on about the calendar contest. Some people are complaining that there are multiple pictures of dogs in the finals, which isn't fair because the rules stated we were only supposed to send one picture. The admin has responded saying that it's totally fair because only one picture of those dogs will actually make it into the calendar. I'm with the users on this one. The rules clearly stated to only submit one picture, and people who followed the rules spent the time to whittle their pictures down to just one. You all know I agonized over that much so that you all helped me pick it! What if the picture I submitted of Theo doesn't make it into the calendar, but the one of Theo being a goofball would have? I'm surprised they don't understand how people would view that as unfair, but since Theo did make it into the final vote, I think I'll just stay out of it.


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Sounds like you guys are totally enjoying Thanksgiving! :D And good luck with the herding instinct test tomorrow! I'm sure he'll pass, can't wait to see your ribbon :)

And I have no idea that discussion was going on at mycorgi... our photo wouldn't even enlarge for the first couple days (gave an error message), but I think it's fixed now. I guess we'll just have to have faith in our furkids' cuteness :D

a corgi said...

I like all the posts you do; they are always cute to read about Theo! my hubby thought it was cute that Theo got to taste some turkey "juice".