Monday, November 10, 2008

Lots Of Things

I'm just going to do this in list form because there's a lot of things I want to share.
  1. Theo is in first place in the Halloween costume contest!  Thanks so much everyone for voting!  And if you haven't yet, vote here!  He was in second place last night, so it looks like there were lots of votes this morning.  Exciting!  The voting ends on Friday and they'll annouce the winner on Saturday.  I hope that Theo can keep his lead this week!  I'll let you know.
  2. Theo is starting his next training class this week, and (*gasp*) it's not obedience for once!  He'll be starting beginning agility and I am so excited!  I think this class will be a really great way for him to expend some of that puppy energy.  Hopefully it will mean less fetch one night a week, but I'm not holding out hope. 
  3. Theo has already been spoiled by our temperate Southern California weather.  It was raining all day yesterday and Theo wouldn't go outside!  Even when I managed to get him out, he refused to pee, even though he had to.  He kept trying to get into the garage and Husband thinks it's because he wanted to pee in there.  He's probably right, which is why I didn't open the door to the garage for anything!  Hehe.  It was funny watching Theo get sprinkled on.  He kept lowering his head, as if lowering it enough would somehow mean the water wouldn't get to his head.
  4. It's turning "cold", and Theo doesn't seem to be enjoying the weather.  Does anyone know of a good light coat (just something waterproof and slightly lined is fine, nothing too warm) that fits a Corgi well?  I don't want to leave his tushy out in the cold!
  5. I finally uploaded my pictures of the beach to my flickr account, check them out!
  6. Even though all the commenters were rooting for Theo the Goofball, so far Theo Smiling at Me is in the lead.  You have until noon tomorrow to help decide!  Personally, I love both pictures, but I think that one of Theo smiling at me is probably a better calendar picture.
  7. Why am I listing out so many topics I can use as posts later on?  If I hit a block later this month, we'll know why. 
The question I leave you with is this: Are you planning to buy a 2009 calendar?  Or are you going to wait to hear if Theo makes it into one of the precious few slots?  I mean come on, who wouldn't want to look at this face everyday for a month?


Kelly said...

You know, reading about Theo's fetching makes me not want to teach Gibson to play it! haha
It must be exhausting at parent's have a black lab and she is obsessed with it gets old ;)

I'm definitely going to buy a calendar, since I have a feeling I'll 'know' most of the corgis in it (one of which will be my own hopfully!)

Lynn said...

YAY! I'm glad that Theo's in the lead! I think Lucy is cute, but Theo really got into character as officer theo. It's really hilarious.

I have discovered that princess lucy doesn't like walking on wet grass. Recently, she's just been peeing and pooint (!) on the cement.

Not sure if I'm going to get a calendar yet... we'll have to see who makes it in I guess!

a corgi said...

I'm in Southern California too!! where are you are? I'm in the Temecula area.

I'm so happy Theo is #1 on the halloween voting!

I probably will buy a calendar regardless of who is on it if I need a calendar; I usually wait to see if I get any free ones

Koda isn't fond of the rain either; he is downright miserable when he has to go outside and take care of "corgi" business as I call it. However, when we lived in Montana, he loved to frolic in the snow

I'm not sure about putting any type of coat/sweater on Theo. I think they do just fine and adapt to the weather as they get exposed to it. Koda was in subzero temps in Montana without any clothing on and did fine; he was a puppy too his first winter with us and I just monitored how much he was out there. But that's just my personal opinion

how exciting Theo will be starting agility classes


JuLo said...

Kelly, it has its good points and bad points. It's nice when I can't take Theo for a walk for some reason or other. I can just play fetch with him in the house or in the backyard to tire him out. But it does get very tiresome when he's insistent and you don't feel like it.

Lynn, I definitely loved Lucy's outfit. You would have gotten my vote if Theo wasn't a finalist! You get extra points for making yours too. :)

Hehe, well Theo already poops on the sidewalk. He always has, I don't know why. But yeah, he wouldn't pee on the grass either. He just wouldn't pee at all, lol. Though when I took him to the small park in my neighborhood he didn't mind the damp grass at all!

Betty, I would normally not be interested in a coat/sweater, but if you saw the look on Theo's face when I take him outside, you'd know what I mean. He looks cold! He refuses to go out! I was thinking waterproof for me (I don't want a wet dog if I can avoid it!), and slightly lined for a little warmth for him. Purely experimental of course. I think Theo is just used to the nice So Cal weather.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Ha ha, Bryson really seems to be an exception that he really loves the outdoor, even when it's rainy and cold!

I'm looking at the mycorgi calendar I got last year, this month's puppy is sooo cute! (sleeping belly up with arms "hanging" by the side) I think I'll have to get another one this year :)

And can't wait to hear about Theo in agility class! Bryson really enjoyed it, especially all those treats he gets. Have fun, Theo!

JuLo said...

Haha! Yes, Theo loves class because he knows he gets lots of treats. I think with agility, though, he'll also really enjoy all the running around. I'll keep you posted!

Also, I think Theo likes snow, just not rain. I don't know... He doesn't mind being wet because he likes the beach, so maybe he's just confused that an area that is usually dry is wet?

Puglette said...

Hi, You will love agility! Our pug, Charlie has been going for the past 6 months or so. We have agility videos on the blog and some on youtube. Theo should do really well, he's nice and obedient and has a ton of energy!

Philip said...

Oh I love the pictures, thanks for posting them, Philip looks so pathetic in that last one where I was carrying him back, I love it!!! They played so well, hopefully I can make it to the park this weekend for more play time :)