Friday, November 21, 2008

Playing A Little Too Hard

Husband and I have noticed that sometimes Theo can escalate play a little too much. On his walk tonight Theo stopped to say hello to a big yellow lab around his same age, Max. Max plays a bit rough (because he's big and awkward and that's what Labs do), and Husband said he saw Theo trying to nip at him a couple of times. And his usual "I'm so tough" play growl was turning a bit hostile as well. But of course, his nub was still wagging and Max was still playing and having fun, so it was really hard to read the situation. Husband thinks he just needs some negative reinforcement when Theo escalates like that. What do you think? I don't want Theo nipping at other dogs, so I'd like to nip this in the bud as soon as possible. I'll definitely be emailing my trainer about this.

On a lighter note, I can't wait to see who the finalists are for the Corgi calendar this year! I hope to see lots of familiar faces!m Especially the one that's all too familiar. ;)


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Sorry, never had that situation with Bryson the anti-social dog :( Hope your trainer can help you! I kinda forgot about the calendar deal, now you got me curious too :)

a corgi said...

Koda is very anti-social with other dogs so we have learned to not let him get by other dogs when we are out walking; let us know what your trainer says

I hope Mr. Theo is a finalist and gets on that calendar :)

enjoy the day


Jenna Z said...

I think the comments on this post just go to show, Corgis have a tendency to be dog aggressive. They are bold, tenacious little dogs, they had to be to do the job of dogs three times their size. And that carries over to the way they interact with other dogs. Especially males. Corgis are not labs, they can not goof around with other dogs and take everything in stride. I would say if this escalates any farther, Theo is NOT a dog who needs to have close contact with dogs besides maybe a few approved playmates. You do NOT want a negative experience with an unproven "friend" or occasional acquaintance causing problems for years to come whenever you take him in public. When Theo gets a bit out of hand, I would just stop the play session and remove the two dogs from each other. This will stop any reinforcement or enjoyment he is getting from the rough play.

JuLo said...

But that's the thing with Theo. He's not anti social with other dogs. He lights up and his nub starts wagging when he even hears another dog closeby. He won't rest until he at least says hello. Probably 90% of the time he's totally friendly if not submissive. And the other 10% I think he's just giving warnings. I definitely will be watching him like a hawk from now on. I have been just ending the sessions when he gets a little too into it. Hopefully that will be enough reinforcement.

I just don't agree that I should avoid all contact with neighborhood dogs because he's had a disagreement with one or two of them. I think I should give him the chance to do something punishable before I punish him. ;) But I appreciate everyone's advice! I will tell you what my trainer says. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Gibson sounds like Theo :) He loves every living being and wants to say hi and play w/everyone. What you describe doesnt sound very hostile to me. If his tail was wagging it should be fine. Dogs play fight all the time...and growling/nipping is a part of it. I dont think you have to keep him away from other dogs, he hasnt done anything wrong :)