Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Running Again

For some reason I neglected to mention that I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago.  Everything was going great with jogging with Theo every morning.  I was getting great exercise, Theo was getting great exercise, and I was feeling fantastic...then I sprained my ankle (miraculously actually, I have no idea how it happened), and I couldn't even walk with him for 2 weeks (I was seriously hobbling around, it was pretty pathetic).  Husband had to walk him, and no one had much fun with that.  I got kind of depressed, probably because I wasn't getting my endorphins from exercising or whatever.  But then it got better enough to walk with him again last week.  I wanted to hold off on trying to run on it because I didn't want to hold up the healing process.  So Monday morning I ran with Theo for the first time in like 3 weeks.  It was wonderful!  Theo seemed to enjoy it too.  Here's hoping I can get back to where I was without spraining it (miraculously) again.


a corgi said...

ouch! so glad its feeling better! one thing I know about corgis; they need their exercise (as you know too) I always dread rainy days when we can't get out and get a good walk (but we do it anyway, he just comes back soaked but at least happy :)

have a good Thursday


eikoleigh said...

omg - had no idea. Sorry about the sprained ankle and glad to hear that you're better. I'm sure Theo missed walking with you but Husband filled in just fine. :-)

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

I have a lot of sympapathy for you, as I have an ankle that I've sprain repeatedly since I was 18! So, a word from the experienced sprainer- make sure you do all the "rehab" you're supposed to (e.g. don't limp), otherwise you're going to "train" your ankle to walk funny, which will predispose you to repeated sprains (which is where I am now) :( Good luck!

Lynn said...

good for you for jogging! Theo must be so excited to return to regular programming!

JuLo said...

Lynn, don't be too proud of me yet. Hehe. What I'm doing can barely be called jogging. :p

Ivy, well I must not have sprained mine too badly because the doctor didn't really give me any tips on "rehab" besides just making sure to lightly stretch the tendons. And since I didn't have crutches, I was left limping because I preferred that to experiencing the extreme pain in my ankle when I put pressure on it. D: I'm sorry to hear that's what happened to you! I know you've posted before on having problems. Now I can kind of relate, and that really stinks. :(

Eikoleigh, my husband filled in ok...and very begrudgingly. He only walked him once a day and sometimes when he was feeling really tired, he would try and get away with not walking him at all (of course I didn't let him get away with that).

Betty, I can't believe how much exercise they need! Whoever said "moderate exercise" should suffer the fate of caring for a gaggle of Corgis for all time! Sure, they tire out, but all they need is a quick power nap and they're raring to go again! Hehe.

eikoleigh said...

Oh, Julo, I can't believe your hubby tried to not walk Theo! Good for you keeping on him to make sure Theo got out.

My hubby use to do half walks with our boys. But now, he's gotten into the routine of walking them and I *think* he's starting to like the exercise and the bonding time. Maybe your hubby will feel the same way soon. :-)